Yesterday was a complete and total fuckup. Today's not looking that fantastic either. Like... 90% of my life was in transit to get something else done.

Not just the brat run, but a shrink appointment [I'm still anxious, big shock] and fetching my long-lost lappy back from the Apple Store.

Good news, though, I got my lappy back for free. Which meant that I was free to go pick up some necessary sanity supplies. AKA cheese and Halo Top tubs.

By the time I got back home and got myself around a satisfying lunch, it was time to watch for Chaos' bus, and then go fetch Mayhem from his educational purgatory.

Small surprise that it took me twelve gorram hours to get my story out.

Thankfully, I shouldn't need that long today. I hope. My site went down and my efforts to fix the problem made things worse and -yeah- I needed to sleep that noise off.

This morning, I discover that the five stories I recorded were the same five stories I recorded for Episode 5 of Inter-Mission and I had just enough time to record one of the actual five. I might have time to edit that one episode into the new and improved Episode 6.


I still have four more stories to record and I think I have a piece of music for the interlude. I need to consult with Mayhem to see if I actually have anything.

For now, it's the usual morning mess. Fingers crossed, today doesn't get any messier.