It's expensive, this week

So. I have registered our pets, splurged on my birthday present [it was preset moneys, so it's technically not out of my bank] and am waiting on an AUS$600 car repair bill.

This alongside the usual food/petrol/shenanigans nonsense that happens on the daily.

It's a sock in the gut, for sure, and I could really use a safety net to feel relaxed about this sock in the gut. Like, I know, on an intellectual level, that I can make it through this gut-punch and be back to normal in a few weeks.


I'm in this fix because I paid for a bulk lot of my braining supplements: Ashwagandha and Pregnenolone. I have one of those, so far, and it was the Ashwagandha that won the race, interestingly enough. That was a hefty hole out of my money pool.

Getting all those other things were necessities, as is the car repair. I need my car to Go. I need to go places and do stuff, and I would much rather do that in a decent vehicle, thanks.

I started this fortnight with enough in my bank to be confident with buying bulk meds and shiny things in the first place. I end this fortnight worrying about my ability to make it through next week. Especially with the $600 car bill coming up.

Kind'a scary that I don't even have the funds for my regular budget.

So check out all the ways I'm selling things, and maybe buy a thing or two.

I have lots of content you can pay moneys for.

Thanks for buying generously.