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Sunday, Day 0, It's Loose

There's another case of local transmission this morning. Six new cases. Seventy-one total. Sixty-two in hospital. Two in the ICU. That's seven with the potential to cause even more trouble.

I'm not looking at the news this morning because Toasty's streaming already and there are untold PLNs of Beloved happening later on after sunrise. So now I'm trying to get as much done before I find out what else is going on.

I may be required to drive after minimal sleep -_-

MeMum's compy has been unfucked and now Capt S's transport situation is due to get unfucked because they're getting my zippy little car. Yay. Hence the driving.

I'm going to wriggle on with storytime...

Friday, Day 0, Shenanigans Commence

There's three new cases, sixty-five active, sixty-two in hospital and one in ICU. Two apparently free to chill in a hotel somewhere. At least according to my math. I have all sorts of assorted shenanigan going on and one big difference between now and every other Friday before.

Today is Payday!

::curlytoot noise::

That's right, folks. I'm giving myself money I've already earned at a rate sufficient to fly under Mr Taxman's radar. Don't worry, I also already earned it at a

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Tuesday, Day 0, Shrinky Shenanigans

Four new cases, today. Fifty-eight active cases. Fifty-four in hospital, two in ICU. That leaves only two who are spinning their wheels in quarantine. The artist formerly known as Spanish Prison Guard[TAFKASPG] has decided to knuckle down and actually do the work they promised me. I hope.

They've turned suddenly polite now that I don't have a lot of ready cash to siphon from my Peakd account. I remain suspicious.

Today, I am writing everything on the go. Today, I am

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Saturday, Day 0, Shenanigans

There's nine new cases. NINE. Fifty-eight active cases. Only nine of them are chilling outside a hospital. Yikes on bikes going on hikes.

Despite my inclinations to buy a bunker at this point, we have a scavenger hunt today. Digging up or obtaining the things necessary for Chaos' planned two-day jaunt in the wilds of the Aussie bush. There's a lot of stuff. Fortunately we have some of it from Mayhem's days in the Scouts [all five of them lol] but there's

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Thursday, Day 1, Shenanigans

The active case count is holding at fourteen, and I am still nervous about that. Not that I've had very many plans to go anywhere and do anything. At all. For a firkin year. Thanks, Moonmelon Tinfoil.


Yesterday was a bit of a stresser. Had to drag Mayhem out of my normal circuit for red tape chase, but my takeoff time was delayed because Chaos' bus was late and Mayhem was understandably stressed about the delay. Lesson in progress: allow for

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Thursday, Day 1, Shenanigans

Holding stable at seven active cases. Keeping an eye on the nonsense. Because seeing another Day 12 is my fondest dream. I have gone out without a mask at freaking last, but I'm still doing the social distancing and hand sanitiser when available, and still not lingering very long in the general emporia.

I miss browsing.

Overflow has closed down and debunked since the last time I was there. The sign's still up but there's nothing in the shell. A little scary,

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Sunday - Day Three - Leyland's Tour!

Yesterday was almost complete shenanigans and most of it was spending too much money getting supplies. Thanks to the lack of community transmission, I actually felt bold enough to shop around rather than go on the most efficient path to obtain the thing.

Things have changed so much it's disorienting.

  • Big W has two dedicated exits and one dedicated entrance
  • Golden Circle Factory Outlet has moved
  • Right next to a Silly Solly's
  • I went to six different places and forgot to get
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Tuesday - Day One and Shenanigans

The coels were wurruping this morning, so it's for sure going to rain. My cyclone headache continues and we're out of ibuprofen. Gotta go and get some more in bulk from a convenient chemist somewhere in my shenanigans.

Because today, I am due to do the shrink visit again so that's my window of opportunity. Also because Scatterbrain, I will be working on my Instant on my Lappy. Fingers crossed, I get things done before I must get moving. If not, though,

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Saturday -DAY SEVEN!

I may be forced to take my collected spondooly so far and get a new compy with which to work on. Last time's story-writing was interrupted by an unexpected reboot initiated by my extant machine. This is very scary beans for me. I'm hoping it's a one-off event, but this morning's slowness with literally everything is giving me a concern.

Coles had a major FUBAR in all of its computerised systems today, and a direct result of that is that plns to

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Thursday - Day Three

Hope raises for a count higher than four. It's my birthday in three days and there's not a lot of celebration available.

Cake, unsuitable food, and maybe a present. I have purchased a good gift for my Beloved because posting times and advance orders. I ungently hinted about what would be cool for my birthday and expect to be surprised. That, or taken for a shopping trip because that's how Beloved operates.

Cheesecake shop's going to firkin love us.

Muppet's been up

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Sunday! (Day Zero)

Four new cases, all linked to previous ones already found. No sign of Patient X as far as I know. Which makes the planned get-together later today potentially "interesting"...

None of us have been anywhere near the infected zones, but there's still Patient X. The unknown, infectious, potentially asymptomatic person who came into contact with the Melbourne Shoplifters, and is now roaming around random places and causing outbreaks in surprise locations.

Calling it now, they're a maskhole Karen for sure.

I have

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Paper Chase!

It's been literal years since Mayhem got his Autism diagnosis [then known as Asperger's, which is now part of ASD yay] and I have since misplaced any paperwork I had regarding his diagnosis. Three guesses what he needs for the employment mob?


The paperwork related to the thing.

So. Today, we are on the hunt for the paperwork necessary to go ahead with whatever the employment mob wants. Fun times.

I have not been writing very fast at all, especially not

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Shenanigans Ahoy!

School holidays have begun once more and I now have very little structure in my days. Woot? I dunno. Beloved has purchased for me a digital box set of Star Control [I, II, III, and Origins] and I want to know the proper order to play the same before I get going. I may or may not stream it. I dunno.


Mayhem has A Thing in which he shall eventually acquire a paying job, today. Here's hoping it plays through after

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I had one of those ideas at 1AM that came to fruition at 3AM and you know that is not going to end well. Details on my Patreon as shenanigans ensue. I've already had one salient question about the nonsense that is about to happen.

I'm going to be having fun. I hope everyone else does too.

Today is Patreon day, and there's at least ONE treat for my Patrons to enjoy. Thanks 1AM. I owe you one praise. You were good

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Further and further into the weeds...

Officials are telling us to act as if we're already sick. The USA is ordering body bags instead of ventilators. Of course the idiots in charge over there are proposing "biggest disaster first" spot-treating the outbreaks.

There's increasing evidence that wearing masks will curb the spread if everyone wears a mask when they go out and they use all the other social distancing protocols.

People who are looking after the sick are dying. Elon Musk bought a bunch of CPAP machines and

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