Day Zero

A 38-post collection

Wednesday, Day Zero, Wordpress

Fifteen active cases in total. All from overseas. All in quarantine. New South Wales is entering that twenty-eight day milestone of no in-community transmission. Which means Queensland can relax about travellers from NSW at long freaking last.

Victoria seems to be treating this seriously as well. Huzzah.

I woke up at one in this morning and I have a PTA thing involving Chaos' future path in life. She's good at making cryptids now, but IDK about doing a career out of that. Do Wizards of the Coast have offices in Australia? Would they take a critter engineer with a learning disorder?

Stranger things have happened, and I have zero factual anchors for goals to shoot for. We shall see how this all plays out together.

In the news:

  • Muppet's twitter briefly taken over by a rational person who clears the path towards Biden transition into office
  • Biden long-term staffers not liking the state of things
  • Minks can carry the plague
  • Things are getting weird in vaccine-land, with the Oxford vaccine being more effective if you get half a dose before you get the full one. Shades of homeopathy? Or some weird thing on top of all the other weirdness involved in this loony year?
  • China takes over disputed turf by just moving a village in, then deletes the tweet about it
  • SA's pizza parlour cluster the result of locals' complacency and the result will be even stricter procedures
  • PPL are screaming that the "no jab, no fly" Qantas policy won't work
  • Pizza worker who lied and spread Covid now deeply sorry
  • Temperatures in Aus could reach above 50 Celcius
  • Tensions between China and Aus continue
  • Big shock, the ppl screaming about Qantas' announced policy are antivax
  • Severe storms slated for QLD
  • Muppet allies now calling him and his efforts a "national embarrassment"

It's almost 4AM, let's see how much I can get done before other things are necessary.

Tuesday, Day Zero, Patreon Day

Three more cases, all from overseas and detected in quarantine. Sing along with the chorus. Fourteen active cases, fourteen chances for one arsehole. Sigh.

I'm posting my last chapter of KOSBOB on Patreon today... and an awful lot of Terrible Tiefling Tales.

Some are new. I swear I'm trying to work on the things I already started. Promise.

Headlines... Ugh... Let's see what Humanity's been up to since the last check-in:

  • Muppet refusing to give anything to Biden - including adjudication on
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Monday, Day Zero, teh PLN

One more case from outside, thirteen total cases continuing on. Blah blah blah one arsehole yaddah yaddah.

Today, I am not writing any novels. Well, not professional novels. Fanfic can reach novel length or longer and that's what's cool about it.

I am writing only for fun from now until further notice. Sooner or later one of my queue'd novel springboards will capture my attention and I'll get onto that. Plague has done my head in and it's still going, so I

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Sunday, Day Zero, Chillaxin'

Two cases from overseas, once more. Thirteen active cases and thirteen people who could choose to be That Arsehole. I note that the infographic for such has altered to make sure everyone knows whether the new cases are from outside or from within.

Smart move.

I have already enjoyed watching Toasty make excellent art and, five seconds after I post here, I will likely slink off for an extended slugabout.

Let's get on with it.

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Friday, Day Zero, no bread necessary

I have the bikkie in progress, now topped with Kalamata Olives I found in Little Woolies. Yes, folks. That's my new name for the regular one. Because "Big W" is apparently short for "Big Woolies". Lawl.

I want to write the last words of KOSBOB today but I'm not going to force it. If it happens, it happens. If not, then next week is just as good.

Today's three new cases are all overseas imports detected in quarantine, raising the number of

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Thursday, Day Zero, and more running around

There is only one thing missing from my home, now. Olives. Between the cats, the car, and Beloved's birthday, my personal economy is looking more than a little shattered. $800 just for the car is a sock in the guts, dear readers.

Yeah, I needed new tyres.

There's a new case today, from overseas and detected in quarantine, leaving us with ten active cases in Queensland alone. South Australia is battling the nonsense of another outbreak, leading the potential for borders open

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Saturday, Bread, Day Zero, Kitty Chaos

One more from off the shore, eight active cases [I can presume that the two now off the list got better] and mutterings of open borders in time for Christmas.

Here comes Plague-a-claus....

Ahem. I'm a bitter bitch. Ignore me.

I have kitties to sequester in their carrycases because TODAY is finally the day that I drag them off for their vaccines. Huzzah. Since I'm also making TWICE the bread, this weekend, I have Beloved babysitting my starter and maybe the actual

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Friday, Bread Day, Day Zero

Three new cases today, all from overseas, all detected in quarantine. Ten active cases. Ten potentials to have one of them be an arsehole.

Chaos is going through my bread supplies so I'm doing a Double Batch as an attempt to keep up. One batch today, and another batch tomorrow. Which is also the new-new-rescheduled day for the cats to get their jabs.

This is the third time I have planned to traumatise my cats this week. It is stress. Jolie is

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Monday - Day Zero

Another singular case from overseas and detected in quarantine. Another reset of my paranoia because of the One Arsehole Theory. Today's agenda calls for House Unfuckening plus Driving Mr Mayhem with a dash of writing on the side.

Yes, folks, Mayhem is actually doing something to... Get a JOB. The skies may bleed. Be warned.

We've cleaned the Maker Debris from the shed and now there is space for two cars only. So if hail cometh whilst the Tesla is away, I

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Sunday - Day Zero

No notice on where this newest case came from. It could be an error. I don't know. We did do our patriotic bit to help oust ScoMo and I am heartened by the fact that White One Nation's popularity has plummeted phenomenally in my fair state.

I can only hope that Scotty From Marketing notices that he and his shenanigans are on the way out. Same with the people behind One Nation.

I have seen a chart where One Nation's approval went

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Saturday - Day Zero

Another case from overseas, and discovered in quarantine. So I'll be voting later today with FULL mask and gloves nonsense. Beloved will also be wearing a mask and gloves, because of the One Arsehole Theory:

"It only takes one arsehole to shit all over everything," -- Me

Also the gloves make it so I can use any hand sanitiser present without burning my skin off. Alcohol allergy makes for fun times in the year of the plague.

In the News:

  • Sweden realises
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Thursday - Day Zero

Two new cases from overseas and detected in quarantine. Augh. Including the five active cases, that's me practicing paranoia for a further fortnight because of the One Arsehole Theory.

According to some email, I might be getting my replacement flour today, so part of my day will be watching my phone for the all-important AusPost text telling me that something is in my parcel locker.

IF that parcel arrives today, I shall also use the opportunity to grab some extra cream from

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Saturday - Day Zero - Bread Part 2

Two cases again from overseas, on a boat. No word as to whether they're staying on the boat or what. Blargh. My dough is thawing on the dining room table as I write this blog.

I'm leaving the Wordpress results of the troll up. It's a part of my learning journey and that kind of documentation might be important at a later date. Whatever. It is a piece of my past nevertheless.


It's Saturday and we're out of cream, I'm running

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Thursday - Day Zero

One new case found and staying in Quarantine... BUT I stand by my "one arsehole" paranoia.

Today, I shall be recording images of ALL the paperwork related to Miss Chaos and sending them to the case manager. Our scanner is currently out of commission because the one compy it talks to is slowly dying. I'm not sure if we can get it to scan things any more.


Let's look at the headlines:

  • Queensland is building a new north-south highway
  • Muppet cuts
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Saturday - Day Zero

Two new cases in quarantine, and that's twice as much as yesterday and now I am having a concern. One arsehole... The more cases there are, the more potential there is for a Karen to arise and cause a massive outbreak because restrictions are easing. Ugh.

We almost got there. We almost had freedom within our grasp. We almost had a completely clean Queensland... and then some fuckers had to think they were above the rules. Repeatedly. ARGH.

I'm getting back into

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