Day Zero

A 215-post collection

Sunday, Day 0, Lazy Day

Plague News: One new case, an import. Thirty-nine total cases, thirty seven in hospital, and two in the ICU.

Toasty had a day off today, so I got to sleep in until six AM. Wild. Considering how I conked out close to eight at night, that's a really long sleep.

Beloved is messing about with Sourdough! Of course they're doing it with all the most expensive kit and nonsense. I went to a dollar shop to get the least-cost stuff. Beloved went to a poncy artistic upperclass shop to get the most artisinal bits and bobs they could lay their hands on.

Now all I have to do is wait for TaleFoundry and do my own stream. After that, I shall be footling about with TaleSpire and writing nonsense of my own appeal until I've had enough.

In the news:

  • China up to more nonsense in the ocean
  • Experts say we can never go back to normal. Knomiras would love to disagree
  • Comedians call out the nonsense regarding the plague. I'm with them
  • Brit celeb slams Aussie plague measures and we want her out of here
  • Sydney hospitals not allowing dads to bring the plague to their newborns
  • 18 snakes found under a bed
  • Shower oil the new mod con for bathrooms. More like snake oil, says I
  • Dude trapped his franger in a padlock for two weeks because he was bored
  • Man evicts wife and kids for pregnant lover
  • Bezos has a teenaged hostage to go with him into space
  • Spider bite could save heart attack victims

And now... it's almost time for stream

Saturday, Day 0, Map-making

Plague news: One new case, locally transmitted. Forty-eight total cases, forty-four in hospital and two in the ICU.

I will for sure be making at least one full map from the campaign book today. Other than that, my day is my own to enjoy.

In the news:

  • Olympics nonsense
  • More hotspots in Victoria
  • Caitlyn Jenner has come to Australia to run a reality show. Refuses to feel bad about the Aussies still stranded OS
  • More hotspots in NSW
  • Britney Spears' mother speaks
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Friday, Day 0, Almost There

Plague News: Five new cases, three local, two imports. Fifty total active, forty-four in hospital, two in ICU.

I blame myself for thinking we had a handle on this.

Stream done, house unfuckening due, plans to write 1K, and further plans to build dungeons and maps in TaleSpire. I did record a tutorial of sorts, but now I have doubts about sharing it with the world -_-

In the news:

  • Protests erupt over safety rules in Victoria
  • Sydney headed for another
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Thursday, Day 0, Onwards!

Plague News: Five new cases, all imports. Forty-seven active, forty-one hospitalised, and only one in the ICU.

I think we might have a handle on things. Maybe.

Some of the restrictions and rules are just silly, but... They seem to be working.

If any day is apropos for me recording a TaleSpire tutorial, this is it. Let's try for it.

In the news:

  • Victoria has more rules after the latest case
  • Sydney's lockdown has to extend more
  • Sydneysider who caught the plague
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Wednesday, Day 0, Wordpress

Plague news: Three new cases, two local and one import. Dang. Forty-five local cases of which forty-one are in hospital... and one's in the ICU.

Scary beans.

More Tiefling tale will be appearing in Wordpress, in which I continue to depart from the plot to fill out some interesting aspects of learning things under the very prejudiced Master Bai.

Mostly things that Bai wished he wouldn't pick up so readily. Like being a cynical and paranoid pain in the bum.

In the

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Tuesday, Day 0, Shrinky Patreon

Plague news: One new case, an import. Forty-seven total cases, forty-five are in hospital.

I'm visiting my shrink today. Fun times. Which means the novel work is happening in transit. I'll probably get a lot done whilst waiting for the bus.

Patreon shenanigans will be happening RSN too. Yeeps.

In the news:

  • Australia is now an example of what not to do
  • Slam the Celebs for daring to be human
  • Muppet wants to know which officer killed one of the insurgents active
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Monday, Day 0, Crunch Week

Plague news: One new case, an import. Forty-six total cases. Forty of those are in hospital.

Why is this week crunch week? Because I'm doing my streams AND all the regular nonsense of my life as I know it. Yay.

Which includes a shrink visit tomorrow.

Today is household unfuckening and the regular fiction contribution and getting Miss Chaos lined up and ready to roll for first day back at school.

No pressure.

In the news:

  • Soccer
  • Sydney in Plague Hell
  • Virgin
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Sunday, Day 0, Stream

Plague news: Five new cases, none local and five imports. Forty-nine active with forty-three in hospital.

I've figured out TaleSpire and no, I won't be able to make all of Whitekeep in it. At least not until they have all of the extant Wizards maps available for DM customisation.

Which may never happen.

Which means I'll be better off figuring this horseshit out by hand on my iPad. Blargh.

In the news:

  • The only thing we should care about is Wimbledon
  • ...and
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Friday, Day 0, Unfuckening ho!

Plague news: Three new cases. Two local, one import. Forty-nine total cases, forty-four of those are in hospital.

I've fed the starters, fed the cats, and I shall soon be putting the bikkie on to cook. It was a quiet stream again, and that may change as soon as I have a schedule. People like having timetables.

Next week will be the big crunch. See if I can do it all and manage Miss Chaos' organisation towards school readiness. Fun.

After that

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Thursday, Day 0, Sleepless

Plague news: One new case, local transmission. Forty-nine total cases and forty-one are in hospital.

I've been awake since one-a-firkin-em this morning. I decided to use that time for a cooking experiment involving keto-friendly cheesecake. The cheesecake may be all fail, but it's the base I'm concerned about.

Basically, the base is runny nut butter thickened up with philly until it's mouldable like play-dough. If that works, then I can resume making cheesecake like normal.

What I failed at in the cheesecake

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Wednesday, Day 0, Wordpress and teeth

Plague news: six new cases, one local. Five imports. Forty-nine total, with forty in hospital.

There's a fresh new story coming out soon. And sometime after that, I will be going on Wordpress for that weekly nonsense.

Later this morning, I'm getting some teeth drilled and filled. I will not be a happy camper until the swelling goes down.

But for now, the news:

  • Delta strain sails by extant vaccines
  • Some idiot punched a cart horse
  • Schools to stay closed in NSW
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Tuesday, Day 0, Patreon

Plague news: seven new cases, four local, three imports. Forty-seven active cases, thirty-eight in hospital. So a bunch of people are recovered? Maybe? I can hope.

My personal schedule is now adjusted. So now I bumbletumble about my morning nonsense, stream, and then write this thing. Streaming at 6AM is do-able, but only when I get up at 5.

I'll pay for it today, and get used to it tomorrow.

I have written some Tiefling tales and already done the Foundry tale.

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Monday, Day 0, Getting Organised

Plague news: two new cases, one of each. Forty-seven total, all in hospital.

I got the Death Coughs this morning because Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season has started early. Yaaaayyy...

Which makes seeking out The Jab an even bigger can of arseholes than it needs to be. Ugh. They might not even give it to me whilst I have the Death Cough. Blargh.

In the news:

  • Aged care facilities continue to be hotspots
  • Canada's on fire
  • Muppet makes a dangerous admission in public,
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Sunday, Day 0, Whoops

Plague news: eight new cases. Five imports, three local. Two more according to our PM, and one of each. Forty-six or forty-seven total cases. All presumed to be in hospital.

I have enjoyed Toasty's stream [and I swear I wrote a blog for today back then. Derp :( ], watched Tale Foundry's stream, did my stream, and learned how to raid other streamers. Yay.

Not looking at the news. This is late enough as it is.

On the other hand, I have the rest

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Saturday, Day 0, Fun Feast?

Plague news: Five new cases, three local and two imports.

Masks are mandatory, so when I emerge from my rock to gain ice cream, I shall have my purple polkadot ppe on. Delta strain may have been spread in Queensland and this is now yikes territory.

I forgot to feed my Starters yesterday, but I got onto it this morning, so they should be fine.

In the news:

  • One country is facing a huge Delta outbreak
  • Statue of Lady Di continues to
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