Day Zero

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Wednesday, Day Zero, Things be fucked up

Two new cases today, taking the total up to seventeen. Definite rock-hidey time. Except the kitties will need a refresh of their kibbles, so going out for essential supplies is somewhere in my calendar.

Today is Wednesday, so part of my agenda is to capture a free-range Beloved and acquire their help in unfucking my Firefox issue. I may also consult about getting my iPad to act like a tablet for the software I own on Windoze. The screen mirror obliterated the pen pressure and made it all go sucky.

Learning the intricacies of modern technology is always a bit of a climb up the learning curve for me. If it doesn't act like I want it to - cliff. If it acts like I expect it to, I don't even notice. This has been a point of contention between myself and Beloved for some time. Figuring out the procedures is going to be "fun". Might save it for this Saturday. I'll ask first.

The world's going nuts and I have proof:

  • Medical professional deliberately sabotages 500 doses of the Astrazenica vaccine because he believes that it would mutate people's DNA. No, really
  • [Honestly, if it was a choice between looking like Nightcrawler or dying of Covid, I will take looking like Nightcrawler]
  • Plague detected in regional Queensland wastewater - alerting Cairns, Warwick, Stanthorpe and Loganholme
  • Fears of civil war rise as Muppet continues to refuse his defeat. Between potentially fleeing to Scotland and starting combat with the racist idiots as his army, the US has to choose between the man and the system. Fun
  • LA health officials release an order to EMT's to not treat people who are dying. This highlights how bad things are as supplies of oxygen are at an all-time low while people in crisis are at an all-time high
  • Conspiracy theorists are sharing the electric circuit diagram for a guitar pedal as a diagram for the 5G chip allegedly in the vaccine 9_9
  • Victoria urges other states to test all people coming in from overseas as they come in. I thought we were already doing that, but if we're not - we definitely should
  • Hotspots in NSW linked to one teenager driving across the breadth of NSW, starting at the outbreak hotspot, a cafe in Orange. She was going camping

AUGH. I am definitely posting fiction on my Wordpress today. Fuck this shit. Let's have some escapism.

Tuesday, Day Zero, random cursing in the background

Five cases today, taking the total up to fifteen. I wanna hide in a bunker.

I'm trying to get onto Firefox, but signing in via another device is proving... problematic. I have an account confirmed on my PC, but getting it transferred to my lappy is... HRRNNNNGGH... Literally can't log in to the other device to complete the process and it's infuriating.


I might have to brute force this. Make a different account, then use that on this compy and then

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Sunday, Day Zero, sloth

Thirteen total cases, the new one today is yet another import from overseas, captured in quarantine, and I'm wont to hide under a rock until the case count goes back to single figures again.

I am going to write my Instant and then take a hot bath and then sleep. Great PLN. Hope I get to go through with it.

A glimpse at the headlines:

  • Outbreaks all over the firkin place
  • Sweden now under criticism as fiscal success is paid in actual
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So Long, 2020, and thanks for all the excitement

Now that we can truly appreciate boredom, I would like to invite all the calamities that visited us in 2020 to please rack off and never darken our doorsteps again. 2020 has been a LONG century and I'd rather not live in such interesting times for the rest of my life.

That said, just because the year from hell is over, doesn't mean that all the troubles and messes go with it. Three new cases have turned up from overseas, all in

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Thursday, Day Zero, hey look I made it

Two new cases keeping the total case count up to eleven. All overseas visitors and captured in quarantine. But now we also have the virulent UK and South African strains to concern ourselves with. Huzzah. We already have enough people acting like Karens all over the place. Queensland's borders are definitely shut until NSW and Victoria get their fecal matter organised for once and for all.

If we all did what New Zealand did, this entire mess would have been over by

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Wednesday, Day Zero, at the closing of the year

Two new cases, the total's down to eleven, so that's a hope for tomorrow. I'm going to actually write a Wordpress Wednesday this week because it's the last one of this year. I should review 2020.

"Half a star, would not live it again," is not going to cut it, but it will be somewhere in the opening paragraphs.

That's my sense of humour and I have to live in it.

In the headlines:

  • Muppet wins "most admired man" in the US.
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Tuesday, Day Zero, big day

There's FIVE new cases today. They're all from overseas and caught in quarantine, and the number is back up to thirteen. Yeeks.

I hate it when the total cases are in double figures. Yes, I am aware that other nations have it worse than us, but still. This pairs well with the news that the UK variant of the plague has come to Adelaide.

Brief reprise of Huzzah, We're All Going to Die by Morons...

I have unfuckening PLN'd and Patreon stuff

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Saturday, Day Zero, Nonsense

Two new cases today, taking the total cases up to twelve, today. I did not check the totals yesterday, hence the difference.

I'm still not going near the headlines without a 40' barge pole. It's bound to be crabonkers out there. 'Tis the season.

Today, at a later hour, I shall be driving MeMum back to her humble abode. An event which poor Jolie is looking forward to because she hates it when strangers are in the house. Poor little fuzzball's terrified

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Tuesday, Day Zero, Patreon

Queensland's closed its borders again because -join the chorus- entitled visitors from overseas have skipped past quarantine protocols and caused yet another outbreak down south.

One new case. Ten active cases. At least the potential for Karens is sinking.


There's mutation in Europe that has OF COURSE made its way to the USA because there's no such thing as safety protocols in the States. We may need a second vaccine. We may need a series of vaccines. For all we know

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Monday, Day Zero, Mistakes are being made

Not only is there an outbreak in Sydney, but there's a deadline for Queenslanders to get back into Queensland with no obvious decrees to self-isolate afterwards.

I'm giving it a maximum of three weeks before we get a "fucking whoops" out of this.

GDI public health is more important than one public holiday. FFS. If they ban road travel tomorrow, I'll roll with that. Because PUBLIC HEALTH ALSO INCLUDES ME.

We have eleven total cases, with two new ones from overseas. That's

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Saturday, Day Zero, Nonsense

Three new cases, but the total is down to eleven and all cases are from overseas. There's outbreaks in Sydney and once again the Queensland borders are closed.


I'm picking MeMum up on Yulemas Eve. A day that shall also include some tech support nonsense to help with apps and other malarky. Everyone wants everyone to use the app these days and MeMum is an old-school luddite who has only just recently got used to googling stuff.

Sorry, Mum, but it's

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Friday, Day Zero, No Bread

I have yet to feed my Starters. I have yet to unfuck the house. I have yet to not be distracted by nonsense enough to get on with the everyday.

So... typical for me.

When I'm done with this blog entry, I'll feed the Starters and get going on The Bikkie. Then I'll get going on the Instant. Which may or may not be interrupted by unfuckening.

There's fifteen active cases in Queensland. The number is going steadily down. Yay.

I have

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Wednesday, Day Zero, Fuddlenoggin

I woke up in the wee small hours this morrow and realised I'd forgotten to post the public Patreon thing... and then I realised that chapter three contains a slur. Used more than once.

Yeah, so it's four in the morning and I'm having some anxiety about that. Nevermind that absolutely nobody reads my firkin Wordpress nonsense. This is the sort of thing that gets someone up in arms some many years later when and if fame ever lands upon my brow.

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Tuesday, Psych Day, Day Zero

Nineteen total cases. I would feel more comfortable about things if that number was in single figures again. How many times do we have to tell people that Holiday Travel during a time of firkin PLAGUE is a dumb-arse idea?

Infinity, dear readers. The answer is infinity. Because there is always some Karen somewhere who believes they are the special exception because they only eat vegan-farmed moonmelons from the southern slopes of Saskatchewan or whatever. Besides, getting what they want via whatever

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Sunday, Day Zero, The Rest

Twenty-three active cases, all in quarantine. All from overseas. Twenty-three chances for someone to come over with Karenitus. Blurgh.

All I want for Christmas is some global sanity.

Toasty officially has a finished video for Little Lion Man but it still needs continuity fixes which will likely happen off screen. Meanwhile, Toasty's Patrons get to enjoy the WIP until such time as DAYS is done with.

There is a screen cap from LION that is more of a scream cap and I

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