Bad Air Day

A 4-post collection

Sunday, Streaming and Enshittification

My GP in their ultimate wisdom and lack of government funding have had to charge $75 Dollarydoos per visit. Which I cannot afford on the Monday I have scheduled because payday the next day. Whee.

So when I visit, I'll clear the later payment with them and FOR SURE come visit before I go to the nearest petbarn, Food Emporium, and whatever bits-and-piecery we need for the fortnight in order to stock up on necessities.

Not necessarily in that order. I will be working from nonperishables to perishables, and carrying freezer bags in the boot for Tuesday.


Also shall be running around between bulk places before getting the stuff we can't get anywhere else at the others.

Stretching the budget to the snapping point my dearies. This is what happens when medical necessities pull at the funds in varying ways.

I have to stock up on EVERYTHING for the fam and that's going to suck wet farts out of dead donkeys.

And I also passed on the perfect retort for self-important pontificating arseholes of one degree or another: "Go choke on your own jizz." / "You know, since your so very much into autofellatio." [Autofellatio: Sucking your own privates -aka- physically impossible masturbation technique]

Everything is getting shittier and shittier and sucks and I hate it and even the upper middle-class is starting to scrape and I'm thinking about looking up an instructable for a portable fucking guillotine. Or at least an assemble-on-site guillotine.

This mood may pass if the billionaires wake up to their own bullshit and redistribute their ludicrous wealth.

Friday, Bad Air Day and Unfuckening Grande

I start my narrative to anyone who cares to read about my life with Max the Nebuliser strapped to my face. The cause of that is decluttering the LandBarge and a Great Key Hunt.

Today, the LandBarge is getting detailed. On Monday, it's getting serviced. Therafter, we're getting rid of it in the process of becoming a One Car Household.

Getting rid of the LandBarge and getting rid of the Tesla will save us upwards of $2K/week as I understand the

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Friday, Bad Air Day

Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season is kicking my butt. Double doses on the preventer, a dose on Max, and I still feel like I'm breathing through a narrow tube. Bleh.

It's Friday, so my Bare Minimum PLN is clean out the Catio.

The good news is that I made it five minutes on the OPEP this morning so I get another go at about lunchtime. If I remember. I want to remember because -dangit- it's hard to breathe and OPEP clears the clinker.

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Saturday, Day 0, Bad Air Day Part 2

Plague news:

  • 23 630 new cases
  • 168 012 total active cases
  • 589 hospitalisations
  • 41 in the ICU
  • 4 new deaths

As a side note, the total cases in the native population WERE 7, but they're now 4 145. Fuck that arsewipe who told them that the vaccine was "Whitefellas Poison".

Vax news:

  • 347 072 doses given nationally
  • 70 089 in Qld
  • 7 831 in ACT
  • 103 964 in NSW
  • 3 487 in NT
  • 24 260 in SA
  • 9 075 in TAS
  • 85
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