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Friday, Unfucking, Leyland's Tour, and Sundry Nonsense

Beloved has to get some medical equipment and she's maintaining her passport for assorted techie business. I have a Thing happening this weekend, so there won't be any more streams next weekend.

I will be flat out getting my offerings in order, then. I'm going to put a pause on everything else behind the curtains.

Adorable has more than enough chapters to listen to as is, so I don't need to panic about that part.

Beloved is getting the tix and arranging accommodations. All I need fret about is packing enough clothes and the necessary equipment to keep the minimum offerings going for the time down in Sydney! Wooo!

For now, I am going to finish up this blog and today's recordings, and then get on with the Catio and The Bikkie and maybe even some laundry.

I have some counter-reviews to do for the Foundry and today... I get onto Stencyl and try the CHALLENGES at the end of the lesson.

For each challenge, there shall be a new version of the "finished" product. And then I have to work out how to open them with a free app.


Wish me luck. I think I might need it.

Friday, Unfuckening and PLNs

Parkrun tomorrow, and I need to buy some things online and configure some other things so my money is still accessible in all its varied places.

I would also like Beloved to answer a question I asked, but I might have to ask until we share air.

There's also cleaning the catio, creating The Bikkie [once more, I have no desire to mess about with pseudobread] and otherwise getting on with my routine.

I shall record an episode for Adorable, clean the

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Friday, Routine Return

Beloved is beck to work and still mostly fragile. We're having some fun with it anyway.

I've done the Catio, and I shall begin on the bikkie before I get a wriggle on with the day's offerings.

We have just enough to hold out into payday, and that's not a nice place to be for me. I much prefer to have resources at hand in case things go pants.

And things tend to go pants a lot around me.

Yes, it's paranoia,

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Friday, Unfuckening and Chat

I'm going to write my daily tale [and this blog, natch] before I set myself the task of cleaning the yuck out of the catio.

I have already made and consumed The Bikkie.

I have already done the meme in the Fediverse.

The only offering left is the daily tale.

I may stir myself towards a duck, today. I may do some work on a map. I may even write or contribute to a chapter.

Chapter count: About to commence Chapter 298

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Friday, Unfucking, Shopping, and PLNs

We need rice, I need to clean out the Catio, and do all the nonsense related to making The Bikkie. The good news for you is that I have offerings in hand.

Beloved is in the process of bouncing back. The arm seems to be the only lingering impediment to her doing whatever she whist.

...and she's already bored with soups and purees. Poor darling.

We did some social shenanigans pretty late into the night which resulted in a sleepover. Adorable's bed

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Friday, Ongoing PLNs

Beloved is off on adventures that include a journey far afield. Which means that I may be doing parkrun tomorrow all on my only. It's a possibility that Miss Chaos may not wish to do the thing tomorrow morning.

So far, bribing her with hot chocolate and brunch afterwards seems to be working.

Wish it'd work on Mayhem. His problem is the covered shoe requirement. My lad has wide feet, and it's difficult to get a fit that doesn't get at him

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Friday, Unfuckening as Usual

My immediate PLNs are small and average for this time of the week.

Clean the Catio, feed the Starters, make and consume the Bikkie. All that jazz.

I may actually have some Literary Zoomies going on because...

Chapter Count: Made a beginning on Chapter 275

That's right, my lovely readers, I wrote a chapter in a day! ZOOOM!

Further in my shenanigannery, I had to do a little remote tech work whilst also debugging my firkin phone. It's battery is misbehaving so

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Friday, Unfuckening

I did the open letter to the kids suffering under asinine laws allegedly "designed to protect children".

It's over here if you want to read it.

I'm still thinking about where to share it for maximum audience reach.

I'm about to go out and secure stuff for the cats. We're out of kitty litter and the catio needs unfuckening.

When I'm done with all of that, I shall be getting back to writing today's tale.

I'm offski. Let's get shit done.

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Friday, Bad Air Day and Unfuckening Grande

I start my narrative to anyone who cares to read about my life with Max the Nebuliser strapped to my face. The cause of that is decluttering the LandBarge and a Great Key Hunt.

Today, the LandBarge is getting detailed. On Monday, it's getting serviced. Therafter, we're getting rid of it in the process of becoming a One Car Household.

Getting rid of the LandBarge and getting rid of the Tesla will save us upwards of $2K/week as I understand the

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Friday, Theoretical Organisation

I have cleaned the Catio and commenced making The Bikkie as of writing these words.

I did not get around to set dressing, yesterday. I spent all my minutes on making certain all the tunnels were where they were meant to be. I may yet record some Dumb DM tips on the next map. We shall see if I have the knack down.

Or I might do the next map. It seems like it might be easier.

Level 16B is on a

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Friday, Unfuckening++

So. Friendo Awesome broke a tooth, and that needs some care and attention. She will be far from home when the attention is done, so we're loaning the spare bedroom to her until the morrow. It might make Parkrun interesting, but it's making today interesting because... scrattle all over the house.

I have to unscrattle the house today.

After I finish this portion of my output, I'll begin the shenanigans for The Bikkie and get on with doing the daily tale.


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Friday, Unfucking and Chill

The catio needs cleaning out, the starters need feeding, and I am the bean to do that because I'm the only bean who does.

BUT because my compy has some heat issues that limit activity to four hours, I'm doing as much as I can in those windows.

With breaks for benevolent stuff to do.

Turning off the streaming obligation has freed me up to chill about doing stuff.

I might even be able to do some pre-publishing prep.

We shall see.

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Friday, An Attempt Was Made

I at least cleaned out the Catio. I am about to feed and harvest my starters to make The Bikkie.

And because my love got me sugar-loaded caffeine bubbles, I can also sample the pasta that the fam made last night.



I tried and nobody should criticise me so ner.

Speaking of trying, I have two hundred pages of anthology to edit, so that's most of the rest of my day. Then I can work on finishing the next chapter

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Friday, Unfuckening PLNs

Since everyone's doing Top Whatever Lists at this time of year, I have collated one of my own. I'll be keeping tabs on the last few and releasing that thing on New Year's Day.

I have the Catio to tidy, and a literal pile of refuse to reject or recycle but otherwise get out of the house, and more stuff to get on with.

I've almost finished the basic floor plan of the dungeon I'm working on, and my next problem is

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Thursday, Continued Unfuckening and Game Night?

It's so close to Crimbo and the crunch is on. I didn't get around to de-messing the table. Did get around to wrapping all the presents with an incidental Help Me Rennie as the kids got their Crimbo gifts prepared.

For the record, I taught Miss Chaos what I know about wrapping presents. Then I helped Mayhem make chocolate from scratch. Mostly with the mise en place but also with strategy and reminding him that cooking utensils get hot -_-


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