Unfucking My Habitat

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Friday, Advertising Attempt and Unfucking the Habitat

I have the cover ready for my book, minus the title and byline. I have a "speedpaint" video tucked away nice and safe.

I was able to get Garage Band on my iPad.

I'm going to create something roughly two minutes long to go underneath and along with the words I just recorded.

A little video editing, a little audio tweaking, and some messing around with fonts on GIMP, and you will all see my attempt at advertising.

I think I'll release it in full at around August. Depending on what Beloved and Adorable say about it. I'll do my best, but those two have better ideas about what I could do.

I have a catio to clean, offerings to create, and a hope that my painkillers kick in and make the cyclone headache go away.

Onwards, ever onwards.

Friday, Unfuckening, Scheduling, and the Endless List of TTD

I pretty much have to sort my vinyl faster than I'm doing it. One album per week would take me the rest of my firkin life and then some. I should find time to do so at least thrice a week.

...I can get more bonus points that way.

So my morning coffee routine now includes putting on a record and deciding whether or not I like those stored sounds.

After I finish here, it's out to the catio for the regular

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Friday, Bread, Unfucking, and More

I had fun last night, finally getting home pretty close to midnight. That's why I'm starting my writing day in the afternoon.

I'm starting some bread today. Today's experiment involves halving the ice I throw into the Dutch Oven to keep the steam going during the rise.

I might have to be rid of the ice at all, alas. Tough crusts and proper bread are better than soft crusts around a sod loaf.

I have Wilson incubating and a timer to remind

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Friday, Unfucking, PLN'd Delays, and Disorganisation

I cleaned out the catio, evicted a wasp nest, and ferried Mayhem to the train. Not in that order.

I am juggling timelines so that I won't be spending all my free hours with Beloved being diverted by bread.

It does mean that I have to ration the remaining chia bread to last me until Monday. Where I will be reasonably free to mess around with the jiggery-pokery involved.

Two days' worth, true, but also stuff I can work on during other

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Friday, Unfucking and Internet Woes

The weather is messing with my internet access, which means that my activities are sincerely curtailed. We had a blackout, last night, and didn't get power until the wee small hours of the morning.

It stepped on my ability to play VTTRPG with the rainbow gang, and because I accidentally unplugged my lappy. I'm sure you can imagine what torture it was to be unable to write anything for hours on end.

The lappy is fully plugged in, now. Charging merrily away.

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Saturday, Big Cleanup and Prep

Tomorrow, I take off to get MeMum so she can be up here for the big holiday. That means my offerings will be late. The day after tomorrow, the most you'll see out of me is a seasonal greeting.

And THEN.... sometime after I get MeMum back home on Boxing Day, two stories to make up for the lack.

Henceforth, the normal state of proceedings will return.

I still have chapters to read for Adorable. That will be happening between laundry loads

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Friday, Ham Day and Unfucking Marathon

The ham is thawing and we have today and tomorrow to get the house nicer before visitors happen. Yay.

Procrastination has bit us all on the butt this time around.

BUT I do also believe in miracles in association with effort, so we should be able to pull through regardless.

It's a small enough crimbo this year.

We can do this.

When I'm done with this blog, I'll get on with the catio and The Bikkie and then dealing with the mess.

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Friday, Unfuckening PLNs

I have the BG3 brainworms making me write stuff again. I will ATTEMPT to retain focus on the important bits.

I did get some more written for my Beauties summary, but I decided against doing any programming jiggery-pokery. Emotional fortitude and all that.

Today, I get all the mail off the dining room table, in preparation for the upcoming holiday. Hooray. Alongside all the other unfucking processes and occupations I regularly do.

Speaking of, I really need to get to the catio.

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Friday, Unfuckening and extra PLNs

I took the kids early voting this morning. Mostly because I will be roaming all over the countryside on voting day. We did homemade democracy sausage thereafter. Cheap bread and cheap sausage ftw.

I have yet to clean the catio or feed my Starters and my ability to focus is at minimum. I'm going to start those important things before I get on the daily offerings.

I don't know if I will be able to do everything. I have socials tomorrow and

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Friday, Unfucking, Leyland's Tour, and Sundry Nonsense

Beloved has to get some medical equipment and she's maintaining her passport for assorted techie business. I have a Thing happening this weekend, so there won't be any more streams next weekend.

I will be flat out getting my offerings in order, then. I'm going to put a pause on everything else behind the curtains.

Adorable has more than enough chapters to listen to as is, so I don't need to panic about that part.

Beloved is getting the tix and arranging

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Friday, Unfuckening and PLNs

Parkrun tomorrow, and I need to buy some things online and configure some other things so my money is still accessible in all its varied places.

I would also like Beloved to answer a question I asked, but I might have to ask until we share air.

There's also cleaning the catio, creating The Bikkie [once more, I have no desire to mess about with pseudobread] and otherwise getting on with my routine.

I shall record an episode for Adorable, clean the

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Friday, Routine Return

Beloved is beck to work and still mostly fragile. We're having some fun with it anyway.

I've done the Catio, and I shall begin on the bikkie before I get a wriggle on with the day's offerings.

We have just enough to hold out into payday, and that's not a nice place to be for me. I much prefer to have resources at hand in case things go pants.

And things tend to go pants a lot around me.

Yes, it's paranoia,

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Friday, Unfuckening and Chat

I'm going to write my daily tale [and this blog, natch] before I set myself the task of cleaning the yuck out of the catio.

I have already made and consumed The Bikkie.

I have already done the meme in the Fediverse.

The only offering left is the daily tale.

I may stir myself towards a duck, today. I may do some work on a map. I may even write or contribute to a chapter.

Chapter count: About to commence Chapter 298

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Friday, Unfucking, Shopping, and PLNs

We need rice, I need to clean out the Catio, and do all the nonsense related to making The Bikkie. The good news for you is that I have offerings in hand.

Beloved is in the process of bouncing back. The arm seems to be the only lingering impediment to her doing whatever she whist.

...and she's already bored with soups and purees. Poor darling.

We did some social shenanigans pretty late into the night which resulted in a sleepover. Adorable's bed

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Friday, Ongoing PLNs

Beloved is off on adventures that include a journey far afield. Which means that I may be doing parkrun tomorrow all on my only. It's a possibility that Miss Chaos may not wish to do the thing tomorrow morning.

So far, bribing her with hot chocolate and brunch afterwards seems to be working.

Wish it'd work on Mayhem. His problem is the covered shoe requirement. My lad has wide feet, and it's difficult to get a fit that doesn't get at him

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