Broken Internet

A 2-post collection

Monday, Internet Fail

I had my internet connection bork out on me last night. Right in the middle of a stream. I gave up on reconnecting closer to the end of the game stream and went to bed.

Now that morning has broken, and the internet is back, I shall be streaming once all of my nonsense is organised.

As for PLNs for the day? I might actually do a cans run since I'm adequately rested and the Foundry isn't doing any reading. Any extra scratch is valuable, this time of year.

Powers know I can't cash in my writing efforts. With the Muskrat playing with crypto via twitter, I can't get as much money out of my work as I want to. And I can't cash in any earlier trades for the same reason. Sigh.

Firkin billionaires and their store-bought cults of popularity.

They ruin everything, I swear.

Let's get on with getting on with things.

Day 5: 8 Days remain

I gotta stay focussed. I gotta work on my nonsense and then stay the fuck away from my assorted devices that need the interwebs to work.

I gotta do a brat run, money run, organise shit... but that's literally hours away.

Beloved and I wasted 3/4 of the weekend on getting shit together to even start on the kitty kondo. BUT... We have all the wood cut to measure and we should start making the notches to slot in soon enough.

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