Friday, Unfucking and Internet Woes

The weather is messing with my internet access, which means that my activities are sincerely curtailed. We had a blackout, last night, and didn't get power until the wee small hours of the morning.

It stepped on my ability to play VTTRPG with the rainbow gang, and because I accidentally unplugged my lappy. I'm sure you can imagine what torture it was to be unable to write anything for hours on end.

The lappy is fully plugged in, now. Charging merrily away.

I got rid of some garbage from my GoogDrive [thanks, Treesize!] and am now restoring my files to their original position.

Jiggery-pokery is ongoing as I speak. Some folders have wound up in the wrong place. Whoops. I'll tidy that up when it's all in place.

Fingers crossed, I should be able to get on with normal business today. The weather won't be hitting my immediate area. However, it is whalloping the rest of the East coast of Queensland. We shall see how things proceed.

Meanwhile... I make my offerings and have a go at completing some projects.

Let's get on with that.