Yuletide Prep

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Saturday, Big Cleanup and Prep

Tomorrow, I take off to get MeMum so she can be up here for the big holiday. That means my offerings will be late. The day after tomorrow, the most you'll see out of me is a seasonal greeting.

And THEN.... sometime after I get MeMum back home on Boxing Day, two stories to make up for the lack.

Henceforth, the normal state of proceedings will return.

I still have chapters to read for Adorable. That will be happening between laundry loads and attempts to pretty up the table for the celebration.

All this work for a quiet day of food and gifts with family.

I miss Beloved and Adorable. I hope they're having fun.

Let's get moving.

Wednesday, Wordpress and Perishables

I'm getting the perishable stuff, cooking, and wrapping today. All for Crimbo Prep so I can get stuff out of the way. Nice and organised.

That's the PLN.

Mayhem's decided to buy some Crimbo treats instead of making a second pie. Handmade is labor-intensive, after all. It took him three days to do the first pie. Dude made the pastry and everything.

Other PLNs include writing another twofer, the meme, and maybe even recording some chapters for Adorable IF I have the

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Saturday, Crimbo Eve

So. We're picking up a friendo to go to the only Parkrun open in the Brisbane-ish area on Crimbo Eve, this morning. Which means a launch from our place at 5:30 AM

Parkrun and the aftermath usually takes until Noonish.
After which, we shall drop friendo off at their place, head back to our place so Beloved can get a move on with the last-minute details, and then I harry off to fetch MeMum since she prefers to stay over to

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Friday, the Crimbolening

It's the day before a MULTITUDE of shenanigans. So we have to finish unfucking the house, organising our nonsense.

Which means a lot of time offline.

I shall be cleaning the catio, making The Bikkie, tidying up garbage, washing stuff, drying stuff, and setting stuff in order.

I fully expect to be offline for a majority of the day. If any more of A Devil's Tale happens during these hours, it will be the result of a true miracle.

We're not decorating

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Thursday, Continued Unfuckening and Game Night?

It's so close to Crimbo and the crunch is on. I didn't get around to de-messing the table. Did get around to wrapping all the presents with an incidental Help Me Rennie as the kids got their Crimbo gifts prepared.

For the record, I taught Miss Chaos what I know about wrapping presents. Then I helped Mayhem make chocolate from scratch. Mostly with the mise en place but also with strategy and reminding him that cooking utensils get hot -_-


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Tuesday, Crimbo PLNs

We're having MeMum over, we're having a friendo come over because they're alone this season, it's going to be interesting.

I honestly don't know whether to share Everything, Everywhere, All at Once with Mum, Guillermo Del Toro's Pinocchio with everyone, or put on the Muppet's Christmas Carol and be done with it.

I will probably end up sharing all three at various points in the shenanigans.

Today's mission includes Patreon content, the usual streaming, and gathering Party Pies. Because despite literally everything

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Monday, Unfuckening and Shopping PLNs

I... might... have obliterated my Magic Saver Card through human error[I reset the PIN in the wrong thing]. It's Schroedinger's borked.

I have no doubt that it will be sorted out soon enough. Meanwhile, I'll pipe what money I have towards Beloved and do the shopping with her.

We still need to get cream for the pav, drinkies, and maybe a few other bits and bobs. Some of which requires having the kiddos in the car at the same time.


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Wednesday, Wordpress, Crimbolio Shopping

It's raining, it's pouring, and my face says it's going to get worse because Cyclone Headache.


We do have moneys but IDK if I'll be able to use any of it and my current assets are scant.

I'm also pondering the penning of a Wordpress entry about all the AI "art" that's popping up and how it's a novelty and not the end of creativity as we know it.

Yes, Taylor Swift is "writing" a movie with AI, and none of

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Friday, Day 0, Crimbus Eve

Plague news: THREE HUNDRED and sixty-nine new cases, and according to government site that can't do math, all of them are local transmissions plus one import. Grrr. Apparently, there's eight hundred and seven total active cases, ninety-four of those are in hospital, and one is in the ICU.

At some point later today, I shall record a special Crimbolio message for Twitch. That way, I can do all my social media messages while Twitch gets the video.

Today, I shall be cleaning

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Monday, Day Zero, Mistakes are being made

Not only is there an outbreak in Sydney, but there's a deadline for Queenslanders to get back into Queensland with no obvious decrees to self-isolate afterwards.

I'm giving it a maximum of three weeks before we get a "fucking whoops" out of this.

GDI public health is more important than one public holiday. FFS. If they ban road travel tomorrow, I'll roll with that. Because PUBLIC HEALTH ALSO INCLUDES ME.

We have eleven total cases, with two new ones from overseas. That's

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Saturday, Day Zero, Crimbolio Madness

Two cases from overseas, each detected in quarantine, but they do take the active case count up to ten. I dislike double figures in my active case count. One more week of school this year and it's not really worth giving up on the mask for that.

I feel Yulemas Mania approaching and this year... I want to make FUDGE.

I've fallen into a rabbit hole that started with an article about three-ingredient fudge. I've looked at the alternatives, found a recipe

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::Hyper-frenetic Chase Music::

It's the day for laying in supplies, storage of same, and unfucking the house without paid assistance.

If I can convince the family to do some of the storage and unfucking, I might be ahead of the game. Stop laughing at me in that tone of voice.

It's almost 6AM. I am going to try for the Instant before I go rocketting off on my assorted adventures.

I already know I'm coming home with six kilos of prawns and a big ol'

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I think my little Tiefling is actually done! I'm still painting the Kobold, because Sisu, but that's probably not turning up on my Patreon. Because Kobolds are tiny, difficult to paint, worse to make look good, and I'm just over here trying my best.

Speaking of trying my best, I have learned:

  • How to fade individual bits in Garageband
  • How to make sure streams are recorded in Twitch
  • Even though you try your hardest not to, Kobold painting will result in spill
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Last Week of School

Miss Chaos is in the last week of her education, so I can accurately predict a whole bunch of late stories in the future because slobbing around and doing nothing is my jam.

I will endeavour to get all my shit done before sunset. No guarantees.

Asterisk: Reminder that sunset in Sunny Queensland happens at around six to seven PM because Summer.

Today's a cleaning day, and I have to do a cash run, but beyond that, there are no plans. Not

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It's beginning to look a lot like summer

While I haven't seen the obligatory dead snake, we did narrowly avoid a red-bellied black as it was crossing a road, so I'm going to count it. Deadly though they may be, I cringe at killing out shy and venomous retiring wildlife. And it's summer. There's pretty much part of Australia on fire every day.

I have the AC on in the computer room and I'm not wearing much more than my cotton nightshirt... and I'm sweltering. And it's only halfway 8AM

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