Budget Blues

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Monday, the Skin of My Teeth

It's payday tomorrow, I had to buy fuel, I have five dollarydoos left in my account and the oven preheating for the baking.

I need coffee, cream, flour, chia [I'm out at last], salt, and sundry other fixings.

I might take Miss Chaos out shopping with me when we can afford such an excursion. It's a long and complicated trip I have queued up to take most of my moneys.

Costco, Golden Circle Factory Outlet, the meat market, Aldi, and finally Woolies for my cream. I'm not getting the Aldi cream any more. It keeps going off on me. Malaney Dairies may be more expensive, but their stuff LASTS long enough.

See the "Boots Theory" of economics care of Sir Terry Pratchett.

I chase bargains where I can, but some bargains aren't worth it.

Chapter count: Working on getting halfway through 370

Today, there shall be fresh bread. Tomorrow, I shall be able to get the stuff to make more. And keep the fam fed in the meantime.

I barely made it this fortnight. Fingers crossed, I shall have a better time of it this pay cycle.

Fingers... very crossed.

Beloved isn't as interested in Book 4 of A Devil's Tale as she once was. She can't nail it down, so I'm just writing what compels me and hoping for the best.

I might actually get to those epilogues.

Time will tell.

Wednesday, Wordpress, Crimbolio Shopping

It's raining, it's pouring, and my face says it's going to get worse because Cyclone Headache.


We do have moneys but IDK if I'll be able to use any of it and my current assets are scant.

I'm also pondering the penning of a Wordpress entry about all the AI "art" that's popping up and how it's a novelty and not the end of creativity as we know it.

Yes, Taylor Swift is "writing" a movie with AI, and none of

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Wednesday, Wordpress & Organisation

My love spent the day and the night and the morning at work. She didn't turn up at home until like 2AM :P At some point, we need to get supplies and do a budget. Balancing things we need to pay for versus things we want to pay for et cetera.

One bit at a time, we shall manage stuff. Wrangle our income, wrestle our expenditures and get things sorted out.

I don't even know IF we're having a date night this

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