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Thursday, Shopping PLNs

I need coffee. More accurately, I need a supply of coffee pods and that requires a trip to Costco so I can get them in bulk.

I've just done my medication thing, and I'm in the process of recording more chapters. I'll work on the daily offerings until 10, when Costco is open at last.

My efforts at getting my Passport refreshed have hit the imp's ass, so to speak. I need a confirmation email to activate my account, and because the page reset to the beginning on compy restart, I can't request a new confirmation email.

Thinking about applying for the account with my GoogMail address. Wondering if it's worth it.

If this is anything like my previous experiences with this bullshit, I shall be in a holding pattern for two weeks before the confirmation email just randomly turns up in an email search.

I hate that this keeps happening to me.

BUT I did get most of the paperwork sorted, so there's that benefit to the assorted shenanigans going on in my life.

At least the passport thing isn't urgent.

Onwards, ever onwards, to all of my PLNs coming to pass.

Wednesday, Wordpress and Shopping

I forgot a few things when shopping yesterday, so I have to do a remedial shop today.

One among our prizes from yesterday was a cow tongue. Which Mayhem and I are going to turn into a very nice soup. He doubts that I've done this before, but I know I firkin did it.

Okay, yes, I did feed the kids pig tongue earlier, and they had zero objections. Miss Chaos even snaffled the tongue skins for snackage.

We need ingredients for

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Friday, Unfucking, Shopping, and PLNs

We need rice, I need to clean out the Catio, and do all the nonsense related to making The Bikkie. The good news for you is that I have offerings in hand.

Beloved is in the process of bouncing back. The arm seems to be the only lingering impediment to her doing whatever she whist.

...and she's already bored with soups and purees. Poor darling.

We did some social shenanigans pretty late into the night which resulted in a sleepover. Adorable's bed

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Tuesday, Patreon, and maybe shopping?

We're short on cream and I need to get more, so that's going to be an interesting journey. I cried the last time there was a grocery shop.

At least this time I can focus on what we need, get it, and get out. And I have some cashes to help alleviate the impact on my bank account.

Yesterday, I did manage to filter ten more potential publishers. Some have specific time windows when they're open for submissions, so I may have

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Monday, Day 0, Some Damn Fine Shenanigans

Plague news: two new cases, both imports. Eleven total, nine in hospital.

Yesterday, I have learned some leet interface skillz. Enough to maybe outline a bare-bones tag entry system. I can only try. Just... not this morning because this nerd needs to go shopping.

Bulk bacon bits [because we go through them like billy-oh], coffee, vegemite, rubbish bin and laundry hamper. It's the little things that make the difference, sometimes. And these little things will be making a lot of travel for

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Challenge #02341-F151: The Perils of Convenience

Imagine a Shop for Adventurers that sells nearly everything.

Including Scrolls to Talk to other Races and even with Animals and invokal Things.

Of course those Scrolls have a Price, however they can be found on Dead People or in the Dungeon. -- Anon Guest

The chain was called Infinite Needs, and catered exclusively to Adventurers. The secret was that each pokey little shop front lead to a pocket dimension of a warehouse that was, theoretically, endless[1]. The shop had already

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Challenge #01596-D135: The Little Touches

the stuff every JOAT needs, and of course the Bargain Bin. -- Knitnan

It was one of those poky little storefronts that one could swear entered into another dimension. The ones with more depth than they rightfully should have had, and surprise extra levels with staircases and shelving designed by Escher. It was called simply Things and every JOAT browsed there at least once a day.

Inside was organised chaos. JOATs could do things with paperclips and ductape that no other cogniscent

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