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Wuzgunnas and Disorder

I wuzgunna enjoy a nice night of chaos and D&D, but our DM is down with a Lurgi, so the game is off. Which is a good thing because I succumbed to a frighteningly interesting asthma attack on the same evening. Possibly a combination of anxiety, Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season, inhaling pine particulates because sawing notches into wood, and maybe a white chocolate and almond Magnum I had that evening. Or any combination of those numbering greater than zero.

Asthma can be fun, sometimes.

I took a dose on the nebuliser, I took puffs of Atrovent, I took two shots of Seratide... and it was the Seratide that finally calmed everything the heck down. now I'm extra twitchy...

But just in case, Beloved and I are headed to Bunnings to find a breather mask that suits my sensory issued arse so we can get on with this shiznit without any further breathing issues.

Soon as I'm done with this and my daily dose of seaweed [I need fibre and micronutrients], my love and I will be offski on our adventures.

Stories happen during break time. I will have weak, noodly, twitchy arms, so please forgive the inevitable typos.

Lurgi, Wheezing, and Other Noise

Lurgi: The seasonal sniffles of the It's-Going-Around have definitely hit, if my crunchy eyes are any indicator. Still living on Shamdy and hoping for the best and peeing like a champion.

Wheezing: The curse of the season has bit me on the arse and I actually horked up a small bronchial cast this morning. Gasp. The bad news is, I swear I had some atrovent nebules somewhere and I can no longer remember where the hell I left the fuckers. They have

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Slow to start

I really knocked myself sideways, yesterday. On the plus side, the laundry is a hell of a lot cleaner. On the minus side - I got whacked with the Asthma Truck.

It was the most severe attack that I've had since before I got onto Ketogenics.

Two doses of Atrovent and one of those with 5ml of saline to loosen things up. Plus a good hour staying away from further pathogens... and I was relatively fine. Note the qualifier.

I'm still having

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Deeeeeeep breaths...

I have an old slanguage term from my childhood days of shaking off disease. It's 'dishraggy'. As in, feeling like a limp, slightly greasy, overdue for a wash, dishrag.

It's a very floppy feeling. The effort to raise an arm is barely worth it. The greasiness resides in the soul, and can't be washed out with all the hot bubblebaths in the world.

So, in short, I am feeling 'better'. For limited definitions of 'better. I'm more mentally prepared to be functional,

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Progress and setbacks

I hit the 92 zone, this morning. 92.6 kilos. On one hand - hooray, I'm losing weight and that should be good for me. On the other - boo, the corset I have is now too big. And I have no idea where to get cheap and comfy corset stuffing.

I have got in contact with the corset people to see if I can swap it out for the same style in one size down. Fingers crossed that it won't break

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The blockage in my lungs is not preventing me from getting air, apparently. I've been taking the nebuliser to little or no actual effect. And certainly zero relief.

I couldn't sleep because of the blockage. It's a struggle to breathe in. So, long about midnight, we had the home service doctors swing on by and take a look at me. That's how I know my asthma meds are working, even though it feels like some invisible python is crushing my windpipe. Or

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Asthma Games I Play (and other business)

I want it to be understood that a shortness of breath is something of a default state for me. Asthma creeps up on me by slow increments that are nearly invisible. I should be checking my nails for blueness, but if I do so regularly, I don't notice how much blue has crept up on me.

So I play really odd games like:

  • Is it a cough or a tickle?
  • How shallow is my breathing?
  • Do I really need my medicine or
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It's 4AM and my life sucks a little

Got woken up by another asthma attack at two in the morning and didn't take a nebuliser dose until 3. I'm going to need another dose long about 6AM. This is indeed a Bad Air Day.

I'm now worried that I may cause alarm and despondency if I need to use my machine in public at Tucson. And to that end, I've warned Miss Bennett about me and put an FAQ on my phone.

I still have no idea if Bunny sees

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Why do I hurt myself?

I could not get to sleep, last night. I thought I was anxious about getting my cosplay together, but it turns out I was having a Clayton's asthma attack.

Clayton's(adj): The thing you have when you're not having a thing.

In my case, it's not realising I'm having an asthma attack until I look at my fingernails [instead of glance at them] and say, "Holy fuck, those are purple!"

I was probably one very bad night away from full-blown cyanosis. And

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How to recognise and treat an Asthma attack


Signs of an Asthma attack

  • Severe wheezing when breathing both in and out
  • Not being able to complete a sentence
  • Coughing that won’t stop
  • Very rapid breathing
  • Chest pain or pressure
  • Tightened neck and chest muscles, called retractions
  • Difficulty talking
  • Feelings of anxiety or panic
  • Pale, sweaty face
  • Blue lips or fingernails
  • Or worsening symptoms despite use of medications (reliever inhaler)
  • Reliever inhaler has no effect/ Person has to keep using it.

What to do if someone is having an

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Fun fun asthma party times

It’s half-past four in the morning and I’m in triage, waiting to see a doctor.

At 3AM, I woke up with a barking cough and the regret that I hadn’t sought out my medication, yesterday. It was a public holiday and I thought it could wait.

For want of Atrovent, I wound up in a desperate search for anyone who would sell it to me. Hospital was my last resort. And they have procedures…


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