Long Monday

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Long Monday, but not really

It's school holidays, so I don't need to fret about anything. I can turn varied alarms off and just snooze.

After I'm done with the stream, of course.

Beloved has work-related nonsense early in the day. Blargh. Given how much running around she's doing for everyone else, I'm starting to feel a little neglected. And I'm worried that talking about that is going to make me selfish.


Even finding the time to talk to her is a problem. Given the running around she's been doing. It's a stressful time and sometimes stuff falls by the wayside.

I'm 'stuff'.

At least I know that I can contact her when I really need to. That's something. One problem solved.

Many more to go.

I can do what I can, and very little else, alas.

Long Monday, Sad Times, and Rest

Today, I do not have to fret about getting Miss Chaos to school. Therefore, my plans don't stretch much further than bare-minimum content, and simply Being There for my beloved.

Capt. S will not be with us much longer, and if I focus on that fact, I will be useless. The cruel world spins on. Creatures need to eat, bills must be paid. Things need dealing with.

I need to go get kitty fodder and litter at some point. Where the money

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Long Monday, Around and Around...

Once more, I am in a holding pattern pending payday. Once more, it's a "next payday" situation to wait for the cat's dental.

Tomorrow, I am going to ring the vet's and see if I can pay for it on the installment plan. I don't like waiting this long and it feels like I may never have all of the money I need all at once. Blargh.

It's a momentous week, this week. I am plotting and PLN'ing to get samples of

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Long Monday, No PLNs

I should edit ten more chapters. I should filter ten more publishers. I should build at least one more chamber or one more void in TaleSpire.

BUT I'm already tired as fuck so none of that is likely to happen.

Monday's the day I expect nothing out of myself. And also the day that I usually end up writing like three chapters of A Devil's Tale. There's an equal chance that I will just sleep all day.

We shall see.

Beloved taketh

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Long Monday, Plague Day 21, End the Roids

Today is the last day I am taking the roid pills. Also the day I should make appointment to find out about roid puffer and get body mod referral. Not that I know when those mods will -or if- ever happen.

Today is also Long Monday, so most of my activity will be via apps.

There's also the Foundry reads, later on.

After I get a napnap.

I have PLNs to at least acquire Beloved's Outaversary present. I may be making a

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Long Monday, History Repeats

This time, we have ample warning of a new rash of plague threatening to sweep the nation. And this time, there's absolutely no motion to try and quell the tide.

Everyone's fucking given up and it's going to kill so many people.


I'm going to have to spend even more time in isolation because of those maskhole knomiras who don't care what happens to anyone else so long as THEY don't get consequences. Well, my dearies, Death doesn't have a manager

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Long Monday, Low Expectations

The crew and I have attempted to play several games in one sesh. Rutrum got sick of Minecraft, and I get it. The game can get on your pecs if you're not careful.

But we had fun, anyway.

The remainder of my morning is dedicated to the story stream, then letting Beloved take over the parenting at least for this morning. Then I must discuss how to remove mods from our versions of Satisfactory. Or at least turning them off.

Because sharing

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Long Monday Again!

Tale Foundry has moved their stream to this oncoming Saturday, so I didn't have to fret about that. Yet. I still have chambering and world building and NOW I have a shared Minecraft world with my fellow players to have fun with. Which means some hours dedicated to a duplicate world in Creative Mode to work out what the hell I'm doing with the hole I found to inhabit.

Where to put the roast chicken machine, where to put the roast beef

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Long Monday, Tired Bean

It's school hols so Beloved and I can spend a morning snuggling. Once I have had sufficient rest, I shall post the story stuff.

TBH I'm only posting this now to prevent anxiety in the few people who check this blog for what's going on.

Next week's D&D sesh with my international team of maniacs promises to be interesting. We might be playing Minecraft together :D Depends on who has what ready in time.

But that's a problem for later.

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