Long Monday

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Long Monday, the Exhaustening

It's been a fun game, not gonna lie. My players thought they could fill in an entire hour with faffing about, then decided to try sneaking up to the Dragon and then...

They didn't have a fucking plan of attack.

They have a week to think of one whilst I decide on the resolution to the cliffhanger.

I shall do my story stream, then waken the rest of my house before catching what nap I can before the TaleFoundry readings.

My voice may be shit because Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season plus four hours of D&D plus one hour of story... I will attempt to be kind to myself.

That's what Long Monday is for.

Long Monday, New Map PLNs

I finished level 8 of 23 and have begun level 9. Yay.

Given that it's a map with actual right angles, I shall heartily enjoy making this one a virtual reality. So to speak.

I'll leave all the trickiest parts for last. Save what there is of my sanity for another day.

That's IF I feel like rising from my bed before the afternoon.

It's a day that I do not expect very much from myself. It's allowed. Thanks to wonky sleep

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Long Monday, Sleeplessness

We did have a fun day out, if a very long one. This long Monday is made even longer by not having enough of a rest. So my PLNs involve (1) Publishing my tale, and, (2) getting some firkin SLEEP.

D&D was manic. In no particular order, my players: Got drunk, took drugs, slept together, and birthed a Treeant. Check the VODs on my Twitch stream. It's wild.

By this afternoon, we should all be able to enjoy and partake

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Monday, the Longening

I have been awake since the previous night playing D&D. I plan on being awake later this evening for MORE D&D

One of Beloved's friends is running a virtual game and I want to be a player, darnit.

It shall be interesting to see how this VTT is played. It shall also be interesting to see if I can continue playing despite Sunday Shenanigans, Long Monday, and other associated nonsense.

I will find a way. I'm manic enough

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Long Monday, sore wrists, and getting old

It's official, I am blaming the weather for this. I have not been mean to my arms at all in the last few days, but yet the pain flares up.

It's bullshit and I hate it.

I'm also having throat issues and I may be coming down with the autumn sniffoos. Bleh.

Some ginger ale shandy should see me through it. Bugger if I know what else to do for my wrists. I already have braces and am trying to be nice

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Long Monday PLNs

It's a long day for me, and only the fact that it's still a public holidaylet me crawl off to bed without disturbing my love in the process.

Tomorrow is the fun day. I have to be certain that Miss Chaos is school-ready and able to stay alert during the day.

The rest of today will be relatively quiet. We might yet finish the rennos we had PLN'd since about Saturday. It all depends on Beloved's need for sleep.

But I have

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Long Monday is Long

I have played D&D with the new time of one hour earlier so I did my story in the Wee Small Hours and am planning nothing more strenuous than a long nap.

I do not expect much of myself on Long Monday.

If anything else gets done, it shall be gravy.

Speaking of gravy - I am moving right along with Level 6 of the continuing depths of Dungeon Maps. I may get the floor plan done this week. And

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Long Monday Nonsense

It's school hols, so I don't need to wake up Miss Chaos nor get her organised for nonsense.

I do have to be awake at a certain hour to participate in the Tale Foundry readings. And be awake at a different hour to pay a tradie [we're lopping extraneous trees! Yaaayyy] but I can set alarms and be conscious later.

I never expect much of myself on Long Monday. If I get cheevs, I get cheevs.

I get an astonishing amount done

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Monday, LONGEST Monday

I got home a little after my bedtime from my adventures to wish Capt S. a very happy birthday. So I have less rest than what passes for normal.

BUT... no worries. Miss Chaos has optometrist today so no school to fret about. Huzzah. All I have to worry about is phoning in the absence call once school is open. Yay.

After the stream, the phoning, and the Tale Foundry reading sesh, I can spend the rest of the day asleep.


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Long Monday Once More Again

Somehow we managed to get a honkload of nonsense out of the house. The skip shall be going away today. With a full load of BS.

Today there is the Tale Foundry backup readings. Since the Foundry read my story on their stream, I shall be volunteering my reading skills to anyone too shy or too unpresent to read theirs.

We have new materials for the sullage system pipes and that will be going in at the end of the month. I

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Monday, the long one

The murder hobos have yet another overpowered artifact. One I wanted the Warlock to have because power. And it's raised even more questions about what's going on with the eldritch god.

Today, I don't expect much out of myself. Because most of my energy is already expended in creating stuff and nonsense.

I have PLNs to take a nap at a later point today. At which point Beloved might have to take over the parenting stuff. I usually get conscious in the

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Long Monday, and an extended quest

I have been awake since 10PM last night, I have tasks and errands that will keep me awake for most of the day, belike.

All to help my Beloved have a better stay in hospital.

And when I'm done there, I need to go get some cream because we're nearly out. Fingers crossed, they won't be sending Miss Chaos home early because weather.

...you watch. I've spoken it into existence. It will happen.


I can only try my best. It's all

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Monday, the long one

There's cloudy skies, intermittent rain, shitty internet, and a potential Tale Foundry reading depending on whether or not the connection stays.

I already had TaleSpire brown out on my during a game.

Fortunately, they were playing pranks on each other and creating incendiary devices. Inter-player shenanigans is fun.

There were lots of laughs.

There may be many more, because my fellow Taleoids have all the ability to stay on track of a wobbly shopping cart. I shall hold out for that, today.

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Long Monday, Beware of Derp

It's been a fun game. The Warlock is learning that they can't use summons to build an army.

I don't have much planned and even less expectations. Long Monday makes for a very tired 'Nutter. I will be taking a nap at some point when the coffee and anxiety wears off.

For the meanwhile, I am simply awaiting the correct hour to get the rest of the family started for the day.

It'll be all I can do to look after myself.

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Monday, Day 0, Long Day Ahead

Still not looking at the infection news, but I doubt the numbers are doing any better. I doubt the world has got any smarter. Especially not about the gorram plague.

Still, the murder hobos got to do some murdering, though it was a close thing for a change. I gotta count the corpses and figure out the loot and then work out what the next step is. Fun.

But likely not today. Today my challenge is to stay conscious until the bus

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