Long Monday

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Monday, Long Monday No More

Thanks to Game Night happening in the early morning, I now have Mondays relatively free!


For today, my problem is remembering that it's Monday, and not getting a day ahead of myself.

My PLNs today include the Tale Foundry backup reads, dungeon set-dressing, fic tagging, and doing what I can to create more novel.

Beloved's binging chapters at warp speed and it's hard not to feel rushed about it.

I need to go searching for a way to do the dang cover, so that's also on my agenda.

Let's get on with shit.

Long Monday, Soon to Change!

We have a new time slot for Game Night! It's going to be Game Morning. In which the game time slot moves to my 4AM on a Sunday.

I might actually have my weekends back.

Depending on whether or not it's okay to take off on whatever after 8AM.

I might still have to cancel the odd stream now and then.

BUT I also have to rearrange the schedule yet. Might be happening later.

Today, I am going to try and actually

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Monday, Stream and Slob

I now have a new heat sink and that seems to have solved the slowing issue. The tower's been on since about 3PM yesterday and it's still holding steady at about 70 degrees Celcius. Huzzah.

Immediately after the stream, I am headed to bed for some sleeps. Story will be posted when I achieve consciousness again.

Currently, Discord is blooping at me and I'm going nuts trying to figure out how to mute it again.

Stream soon. Story later. Everything else is

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Long(?) Monday, Chillaxing

I shall be streaming in a few minutes, then napping, then returning to consciousness for the TaleFoundry reads.

Thereafter? Who knows?

We didn't get to the sullage pipes as I had hoped, alas. Today might be the day. It might not. The hours my love and I share to arrange all the nonsense are rare and often filled with more important nonsense.


Onwards to the written nonsense.

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Long(?) Monday, Light Writing

I shall be streaming soon, and the usual post-stream nap nonsense shall also be happening.

For the rest of the day, I'll probably be noodling about with A Devil's Tale. Assuming that I won't be able to get help sorting out the sullage pipe situation.

Tomorrow, or the day after? We should have the moneys to go get the cats more food.

I have few other plns than that.

...but I somehow also need to PLN for Crimbolio.


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Long Monday No More?

Usually, Mondays are a long day for me, but that may no longer be the case. I shall see how I fare today.

The nap is still planned for between the stream and the Tale Foundry readings, but after that, I have no expectations beyond experimentation.

Time will definitely tell.

I might even ponder having a stream somewhere towards the afternoons. But not that hard.

Stream soon. Story posted when I wake up.

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Long Monday, Few PLNs

It's long Monday, and I woke up at 6PM yesterday. Fun times ahead.

I shall attempt putting my sleep alarm an hour further on and see how I go.

That's next week though.

Post-walkathon, there's two things my legs don't like: getting up and walking the first twenty steps thereafter.

I hope it eases off as the week passes on.

The upcoming Saturday walkathon is going to be "interesting" all the same.

I'm hoping to make it to 4K, but I might

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Long Monday, No Plans

It's currently past 2 in the morning and I have had THE WORST connectivity issues with Twitch, Game night, and my peeps across the seas.

I might not be able to stream story time. Either way, I shall be recording and uploading later on.

As per normal, I have no expectations for today. If anything gets done, it's all gravy.

So let's see how much gravy happens.

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Long Monday, Kitty Dental Fun

Poor Jolie is currently locked in the laundry without food and we have to take her water away at a certain hour so that it's safe to anesthetise her for dental work.

Which is going to cost us three figures.


Since it's also Long Monday and I have the usefulness capacity of meringue umbrella, Beloved will be doing the morning stuff whilst I catch up on a little sleep.

I will likely be doing the afternoon stuff because I will be

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Long Monday, Potential Shenanigans

Something in the living room is humming, the shelf for my record player is still in its wrapping, there's loads to do to make sure Capt. S' old place is orderly for the next step, MUM is still unfucking and hoping it doesn't flood again.

Beloved has taken a well-earned day out with friendos [found a VERY nice jacket with a VERY heinous price tag :P And didn't get it. Whew] and may also be pretty much wrecked for later this morning.

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Long Monday, but not really

It's school holidays, so I don't need to fret about anything. I can turn varied alarms off and just snooze.

After I'm done with the stream, of course.

Beloved has work-related nonsense early in the day. Blargh. Given how much running around she's doing for everyone else, I'm starting to feel a little neglected. And I'm worried that talking about that is going to make me selfish.


Even finding the time to talk to her is a problem. Given the running

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Long Monday, Sad Times, and Rest

Today, I do not have to fret about getting Miss Chaos to school. Therefore, my plans don't stretch much further than bare-minimum content, and simply Being There for my beloved.

Capt. S will not be with us much longer, and if I focus on that fact, I will be useless. The cruel world spins on. Creatures need to eat, bills must be paid. Things need dealing with.

I need to go get kitty fodder and litter at some point. Where the money

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