The Sads

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Long Monday, but not really

It's school holidays, so I don't need to fret about anything. I can turn varied alarms off and just snooze.

After I'm done with the stream, of course.

Beloved has work-related nonsense early in the day. Blargh. Given how much running around she's doing for everyone else, I'm starting to feel a little neglected. And I'm worried that talking about that is going to make me selfish.


Even finding the time to talk to her is a problem. Given the running around she's been doing. It's a stressful time and sometimes stuff falls by the wayside.

I'm 'stuff'.

At least I know that I can contact her when I really need to. That's something. One problem solved.

Many more to go.

I can do what I can, and very little else, alas.

Long Monday, Sad Times, and Rest

Today, I do not have to fret about getting Miss Chaos to school. Therefore, my plans don't stretch much further than bare-minimum content, and simply Being There for my beloved.

Capt. S will not be with us much longer, and if I focus on that fact, I will be useless. The cruel world spins on. Creatures need to eat, bills must be paid. Things need dealing with.

I need to go get kitty fodder and litter at some point. Where the money

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Thursday, Woes Incoming

Things are not looking great for Capt. S. The cancer is killing her appetite and she needs to eat to have the energy to fight the bloody thing. Too bad that medical cannabis is still illegal in our neck of the woods.

Watching someone spiral out of this world is no picnic. Beloved had to rush to the hospital from work and then drive back late at night because there were no rentable bedrooms anywhere.

Functioning on TWO HOURS' SLEEP, poor darling.

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Yesterday and today.

Yesterday was April 1 here, and I forgot to post anything remotely hilarious. Today would have been Da's birthday... and I miss him. But I also want to have a little fun... because some of the stuff coming out of Tumblr right now is the sort of thing he might have appreciated.

I know I'm going to offend MeMum [srsly, Mum... don't look at my Tumblr today. You'll get cross] but I just feel like I should do what I'm doing.


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