Yesterday and today.

Yesterday was April 1 here, and I forgot to post anything remotely hilarious. Today would have been Da's birthday... and I miss him. But I also want to have a little fun... because some of the stuff coming out of Tumblr right now is the sort of thing he might have appreciated.

I know I'm going to offend MeMum [srsly, Mum... don't look at my Tumblr today. You'll get cross] but I just feel like I should do what I'm doing.

I will share any pun that crosses my path in his memory though. He would have loved that.

Beyond that, though... I think I might try to have a very quiet day. They're so rare... I appreciate them when they happen.

In slightly serious news, I think I feel another funk coming on. When I'm done with my story, I might go back to bed/snuggle with Beloved/have a bubble bath. I don't know. Depends on how much energy I have by the time I get back there.

Not helped by the fact that I managed to blow through $130 on EIGHT THINGS, with pocket change and no good feeling on the other end. Things I need to live, and a very few things I need to live comfortably It's saddening.

Retail therapy only works when one has enough money to not care about how much one is spending on things. Or if you have the body type or looks to be able to get things that help you feel good about yourself.

Meh. Maybe I'll feel better after some chocolate and coffee. I just can't be arsed getting up to get them.