Long Monday, Sad Times, and Rest

Today, I do not have to fret about getting Miss Chaos to school. Therefore, my plans don't stretch much further than bare-minimum content, and simply Being There for my beloved.

Capt. S will not be with us much longer, and if I focus on that fact, I will be useless. The cruel world spins on. Creatures need to eat, bills must be paid. Things need dealing with.

I need to go get kitty fodder and litter at some point. Where the money cometh from, I have slim ideas. The cash I have might pay for half of what's needed. The bank balance cannot pay the rest.


I don't want to heap trouble onto Beloved, but... everything is expensive and things must be managed. Including happy cats.

If that means bargain kitty nibbles, then so be it.

All I can do is write funny stories and give comfort.

So be it.