Challenge #03550-I261: Patch-up Process

They were on their way to a station for surgery. A new treatment has been found that, if it works, they will get use of their legs back. They were nervous about the idea of nanites in their body, but a wheelchair isn't exactly their idea of a good time, either. Fortunately, the medic with them kindly explains why this will help, and helps soothe them so they're not so spooked. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I have learned in my travels that disabled folks are greatly offended by "miracle fix" disability storylines. Besides, in my future, everything is wheelchair-accessible anyway. It's not just those who need wheels to get around who benefit from ramps.]

"It wasn't a problem until work took me to an ex-Deregger world. Everything's stairs and using elevators is a sign of laziness, you know? There's only so fast they can move on establishing Standard Access Systems. Even after the redistribution." Human Rain piloted hir wheelchair through to the treatment room. "It's a pain in the ass that I have to do this. I feel like such a traitor."

"You're not betraying anyone with your choices regarding your body," insisted Medik Skaa. "It's a matter of personal convenience. Or in this case, inconvenience."

"Can't make Dereggers retroactively rearrange their architecture just for me," Rain sighed. "And other than piloting an able avatar or an exo-suit around... this is what we've got. How bad is it?"

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