Long Monday, Few PLNs

It's long Monday, and I woke up at 6PM yesterday. Fun times ahead.

I shall attempt putting my sleep alarm an hour further on and see how I go.

That's next week though.

Post-walkathon, there's two things my legs don't like: getting up and walking the first twenty steps thereafter.

I hope it eases off as the week passes on.

The upcoming Saturday walkathon is going to be "interesting" all the same.

I'm hoping to make it to 4K, but I might still get no further than 3. Time will indeed tell.

I'm rocketing towards chapter 130 of _A Devil's Tale and have the prompted story for the Foundry in the barrel, so my Patreons aught to be happy with that tomorrow.

Today, I stream, I rest, I post, and I try to stay conscious until the afternoon when Chaos comes back from school.