Lazy Day

A 5-post collection

Sunday, Day 0, Slug Day

I'm actually writing this [or starting to] at 11PM on Saturday night. Sunday will be happening inevitably. I've been awake since half-past nine.

There's four new cases on the site I consult and the active case count of forty-two. All in hospital. Worrying. On one hand, people are getting better. On the other hand... forty-two fucking cases. Yeeks.

I'm going to watch Toasty's stream, write a flash fiction, sleep, and perhaps catch on episode of Dimension 20 if the mood moves me. Heck, I might even make progress of one of my fun-purpose WIPs. Time will tell.

I'm purposely not pushing myself to do anything.

In the news:

  • Labor wins in WA, which means the Clive Palmer Party for Clive Palmer, by Clive Palmer, and all about Clive Palmer, is Shit Out of Luck. Huzzah
  • Victoria's Premier, Andrews, emerges from hospital with body brace on. People are shocked, despite the details of his horrific injuries being public for days on end
  • Australia apparently joins the "Empty Talk Club" according to China
  • Oprah memes go viral and Oprah wants it to stop
  • Some idiot filmed themselves bashing a teenager. Stay classy
  • Mother of a 12YO guilty of sexually abusing her daughter's friends. Yikes
  • A different idiot stole a playground slide for their bunk bed
  • People are attacking Meghan Markle for "holes" in her interview
  • Well-paid politicians with golden parachutes are up in arms about increased superannuation payments for everyone else. How surprising [/sarcasm]

Ugh. Let's commit some fiction.

A Day of Indulgences

It's Saturday and I've already had way too many carbs and I'm loving it. The PLN, such that it is, is to write today's Instant and then spend the rest of my day just faffing about. Pure nonsense, no news.

Apart from this: Dogs are apparently better at detecting Covid-19 than any man-made test. Good news for us, and I hope those brave pooches don't get the plague from us Humans.

I for one welcome any appointment with Doctor Rover.

But enough

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A Day Off?

As far as I'm aware, I have nothing planned. What I do plan to do is enjoy it. I got myself a fanfic prompt as well as the Instant to write and after that? Well, it's all Critical Role and playing with the kittens and lounging around in my kigu and fluffy socks.


If Beloved actually has PLNs to drag me off anywhere and do anything, there are going to be complaints. I shall make them pick out my clothes and

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Home Time

I must be an introvert. There is nothing I like better than snuggling at home in a comfy nest and doing very little indeed. Hot baths. Books in bed. Snuggle time with Beloved.

If there was any decent TV that we both liked, we'd watch that together, but...

Beloved likes to watch Ozark and if you read my Wordpress, you know why I can't stand a bar of that one.

Plus we agree that most modern television sucks.

So with a lot

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Friday Fun

Mayhem has new travel arrangements. He's riding as far as Beloved's work, and then catching public transit the rest of the way to the new digs in Toowong. Then doing that in reverse on the way home.

Which means I don't have to drive anywhere at all.

I just hang out at home all day and only make appearances for Miss Chaos' bus.

Best. Day. Of the week. Officially.

At least for hopeless hermit me. Who would much rather be chilling in

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