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Nothing Planned

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Challenge #02074-E250: Mob's Rule

“You’re right. Anger can be useful, and your wrath is something to be feared. But if I am to burn in this fire, I WILL take you down with me.” -- Anon Guest

The corrupt ruler scoffed. "And how will the likes of you propose to defeat me? You're weak. Powerless. Unarmed. I can kill you with a gesture and most of the idiots out there will applaud me for it."

"You did just call everyone watching you 'idiots'," she pointed out. "They're watching and listening to your every word. Because you decreed it so. Your vainglory will be your downfall. They will watch you cause my death. Me. A weak, unarmed, powerless peon with nothing. Only some of your subjects will actually endorse your actions. To appear truly powerful, though, you must kill me yourself."

He had a weapon in his hands before she finished her final sentence. "I am powerful. More powerful than you, more powerful than any mud-grubbing moron who claims to love me. I control the truth! I control the money! I control everything! And I control when you die." He aimed it. "Any last words?"

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Adventure Morning

Beloved is shuttling off to work, this afternoon, so this morning was full of together time, which included a shopping spree. We now have a new omelette pan and socks and jocks and other nice things.

Including some salmon for dinner. Yum.

I'm also running out of time to put G-Whiz in shot #4 of SESP, so now I have to decide what I'm doing instead of adding it. I'm thinking Grandfather Clock.

For the rest of today, I have a lot

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