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Challenge #03670-J017: Nothing Scheduled

The station was quiet, well as quiet as a major hub could be, but more than that, it was peaceful. They sat in the garden, enjoying the relaxation, nibbling on snacks, and petting a cleaner, who was scooping up the snack crumbs. -- Anon Guest

Rare indeed in the public service industries is an entire day off. Yes, members of essential services get their holidays, but the day off is a direct result of slowness in the system. A lack of demand

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Saturday, Planned Nothing

I have nothing planned for today and I plan on INDULGING in it. Zero expectations from myself.

I will be harvesting and feeding my Starters because I held off yesterday. But that's fairly leisurely as far as daily nonsense goes.

It's come to my attention that mental health needs to be maintained via breaks from stress. Amazing, that. We need to take a breather from high expectations now and again.

Today's my day.

I will not accept criticism.

This afternoon is early

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Sunday, day of rest?

Still patiently waiting for the end of Toasty's hiatus, but at least Tale Foundry is there for me. So to speak. I miss the art stream shenanigans.

On the other hand, the spare hours in the morning give me plenty of time to work on other projects. Like populating the level of dungeon my players will eventually dragon in. Or extending that no-longer brief "little thing" I was using as a palette cleanser between books in my trilogy.

Or catching up on

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Monday, the long one

There's cloudy skies, intermittent rain, shitty internet, and a potential Tale Foundry reading depending on whether or not the connection stays.

I already had TaleSpire brown out on my during a game.

Fortunately, they were playing pranks on each other and creating incendiary devices. Inter-player shenanigans is fun.

There were lots of laughs.

There may be many more, because my fellow Taleoids have all the ability to stay on track of a wobbly shopping cart. I shall hold out for that, today.

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Sunday, Streams and Silliness

Toasty didn't stream this week, so I've had a less sleep-deprivation-charged morning. It's still raining, so my stream may have massive lag. It may also be nonexistent. Rest assured, I will be recording in situ, so I shall upload later when the weather is a little less touchy.

The weather bureau says the rain will stop today. I currently have doubts about that.

They weren't messing around when they described Australia as a land of "droughts and flooding rains".

MeMum's house is

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Sunday, Day1, Slugfest

I did all four loafs, yesterday. Three butts between two of them. I didn't check them all. They should be sliced, packed, and hoarded before I have a chance to do a butt count.

According to the government website, we're actually down to six active cases. The pre-Karen normal. Huzzah.

In the headlines:

  • Pro Muppet Repugnican Minions making an army [at which point does this become treason, my dude?]
  • Plague can turn blokes infertile. Better put on that mask, Davo
  • Idiot tried
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This Time For Sure

Beloved is home today and currently out getting bolts so we can make the bottom junction box into a permanent installation. Ain't nothing shy of a sledgehammer breaking this thing.

Anyone wanting to use my carefully-constructed kitty kondo as a chook pen or whatever is going to have to firkin work for it.

Anyway. I should probably work on the story before my love returns with the bolts.

Story is most likely to happen after we fix the dang cat cage.

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Nothing to do...

Spring Carnival - aka Melbourne Cup Season - is upon us, so my Beloved is spending some extra time in the office. Which means I won't see them for extended passages of time. This is the time of year when EVERYONE is at the betting emporium to have a flutter on the ponies, so it's the busiest time of year for my love, making certain the servers are serving all the needs and anticipating the flood of incoming bets on the Big

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A Weekend of Nothing

I have nothing planned for this weekend. An entire forty-eight hours of nowhere to go, nothing to do, and everything centred around just hanging out to chill.

I'm loving it.

I got to get one episode further through Critical Role, watched some more Umbrella Academy with Beloved and added an ep of MacGuyver because we were out of brainpower for the evening.

I also got to make an interesting discovery about Minecraft.

Old hats at the game will remember the introduction of

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I'm pissed off

Absolutely nobody who has a physical space shop stocks the Fudge colours. Fortunately, I can order the hues I need from Look Fantastic. UN-fortunately, I need someone to help me do my hair which means begging, whimpering and pleading in the general direction of Beloved.

My kids aren't old enough to colour me in. Alas.

I have a lot of Nothing planned for myself, so I'd better get on with my work.

Enjoy the nothing while it lasts, my friends.

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Challenge #02074-E250: Mob's Rule

“You’re right. Anger can be useful, and your wrath is something to be feared. But if I am to burn in this fire, I WILL take you down with me.” -- Anon Guest

The corrupt ruler scoffed. "And how will the likes of you propose to defeat me? You're weak. Powerless. Unarmed. I can kill you with a gesture and most of the idiots out there will applaud me for it."

"You did just call everyone watching you 'idiots'," she pointed

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Adventure Morning

Beloved is shuttling off to work, this afternoon, so this morning was full of together time, which included a shopping spree. We now have a new omelette pan and socks and jocks and other nice things.

Including some salmon for dinner. Yum.

I'm also running out of time to put G-Whiz in shot #4 of SESP, so now I have to decide what I'm doing instead of adding it. I'm thinking Grandfather Clock.

For the rest of today, I have a lot

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