Nothing Planned

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A Weekend of Nothing

I have nothing planned for this weekend. An entire forty-eight hours of nowhere to go, nothing to do, and everything centred around just hanging out to chill.

I'm loving it.

I got to get one episode further through Critical Role, watched some more Umbrella Academy with Beloved and added an ep of MacGuyver because we were out of brainpower for the evening.

I also got to make an interesting discovery about Minecraft.

Old hats at the game will remember the introduction of seeds and how folks could share the really interesting ones. There were memetic seeds like "gargamel" and "cake" - the latter of which was an interesting challenge. I'm pretty sure there was a seed revolving around one of my fave bands, ELO, but I no longer recall what it was.

Anyway. For shits and giggles, I tried looking at one of the old memetic seeds to see what it did these days. The answer is rather interesting to my mind.

I tried using the seed "gargamel" and started the world on a little survival island surrounded by oceans with loads of undersea rifts. The really interesting part is when you turn your back on your waking view and investigate that big-arse island that was once right behind you. On the opposite beach to where you start, there's some masts sticking up out of the earth. These masts lead you to what I call a fossil shipwreck. An entire shipwreck embedded in stone.

I'll let you concoct the story behind that one, but who could ignore such an easy supply of wood and loot to start their minecraft adventure with? Try it now. Tell your friends.

Today, once I quit storytime on my main compy, I shall see what shenanigans "cake" leads to.

Which means I should probably start working on storytime.

I'm pissed off

Absolutely nobody who has a physical space shop stocks the Fudge colours. Fortunately, I can order the hues I need from Look Fantastic. UN-fortunately, I need someone to help me do my hair which means begging, whimpering and pleading in the general direction of Beloved.

My kids aren't old enough to colour me in. Alas.

I have a lot of Nothing planned for myself, so I'd better get on with my work.

Enjoy the nothing while it lasts, my friends.

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Challenge #02074-E250: Mob's Rule

“You’re right. Anger can be useful, and your wrath is something to be feared. But if I am to burn in this fire, I WILL take you down with me.” -- Anon Guest

The corrupt ruler scoffed. "And how will the likes of you propose to defeat me? You're weak. Powerless. Unarmed. I can kill you with a gesture and most of the idiots out there will applaud me for it."

"You did just call everyone watching you 'idiots'," she pointed

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Adventure Morning

Beloved is shuttling off to work, this afternoon, so this morning was full of together time, which included a shopping spree. We now have a new omelette pan and socks and jocks and other nice things.

Including some salmon for dinner. Yum.

I'm also running out of time to put G-Whiz in shot #4 of SESP, so now I have to decide what I'm doing instead of adding it. I'm thinking Grandfather Clock.

For the rest of today, I have a lot

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