Rest and Relaxation

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Saturday, Day of Rest?

I am experimenting with my sleep cycle today. Seeing if getting to sleep in the vicinity of 10PM will help me not run out of battery at midday.

Beloved is off visiting Capt. S and will be off all day. I hope she takes one or both of the kids as company. She needs it, methinks.

I will be feeding my Starters and making the Bikkie, since I ran out of oomph to do it yesterday.

I did manage to re-filter the

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Challenge #01989-E165: Pax Paradoxical

There is one place where nearly all species cohabit. It's not some planet capital or forsaken space station. It's a spa resort. This artificial planet is ideally place to naturally accommodate all type of species, with a wide range of temperature, humidity and luminosity. And when nearly 30% of your customers are part of the most "dangerous" Deathworlders, and high figure of all species came regularly here, let's say that it's also the safest place in existence. -- Anon Guest

There's only

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