Day One

A 33-post collection

Friday, Day 1, Bread Day

No new cases! That's Day 11 on the domestic scale, by the way. There's forty-three total cases, forty-two are in hospital and only one is technically loose. In captivity in a hotel with the potential to breeze past security measures version of "loose".

I'm starting the process on some wholly wholemeal loaves so I can maybe regulate the plumbing. I have the bikkie going [nine sliced olives on it BTW] and Wilson is on my desk and growing up for a special moment in which part of them becomes my weekly bread.

I fully expect the fam to just inhale one done loaf while it's fresh and warm. I get the other one to nom on during the next week. See how that plan works for my by next Friday.

...and now the interwebs has gone bork... YAY.

In the news:

  • India accused of fudging their plague numbers
  • ScoMo warns that if he opens the country, there'll be 1000 cases of plague a day
  • Mor Royal Drama!
  • 48YO NSW woman dies of blood clots after getting the jab. Since I am 48 I am having some concerns
  • The baby who was found dead apparently died in a car
  • Media blames parents who went to concert for baby's death instead of the aunt who was babysitting the kid
  • Female prison guard has her affair with a prisoner [wow, bad power dynamic] revealed by a thigh tattoo
  • The next Fast&Furious has rocket cars. Wow

Let's get on with the other nonsense.

Monday, Day 1, Yakkety Sax Go!

No cases, foreign or domestic. Huzzah. Fifty-seven active cases, all of them in hospital. It's stats like this that make me want to leave my mask at home again. Not a chance before the twenty days are up.

Today I have:

  1. Household unfuckening
  2. Potential parcel arrival
  3. Mayhem announced an appointment while I was sleeping and that might be happening in the middle of everything else
  4. Also Tale Foundry is doing the reserve readings and I want to be there for that


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Wednesday, Day 1, Shenanigans Ahoy

I have three hours to do whatever and trying to work means that I'm not falling into the YouTube wikiwalk trap that can delay me for all of that. Today, there are NO NEW CASES in Queensland! Not even any imports. It's a major deal after so long. There's still seventy cases, all of them are in hospital and one's still lingering in the ICU. I wish them well.

Today, at ten, I get my shoes and socks on, chase Miss Chaos

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Thursday, Day 1, Shenanigans

The active case count is holding at fourteen, and I am still nervous about that. Not that I've had very many plans to go anywhere and do anything. At all. For a firkin year. Thanks, Moonmelon Tinfoil.


Yesterday was a bit of a stresser. Had to drag Mayhem out of my normal circuit for red tape chase, but my takeoff time was delayed because Chaos' bus was late and Mayhem was understandably stressed about the delay. Lesson in progress: allow for

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Monday, Day 1, Adjustment Time

The case count's down to eleven and I am once again waiting for it to dwindle down towards five. Please.

I'm back on my usual writing nonsense but also growing resilience when seated in the kneeling chair. I'm getting there.

Also, it's cleaning day today.

In the news:

  • New sex assault letter penned by friends of a victim surfaces. Looks like ScoMo's in trouble for the company he keeps
  • 1980's assault claim won't gain justice because it's aged out of being a
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Wednesday, Day 1, Continuing

There's seven active cases and I have an increasing to go off about the state of things as they are and how it's hurting people or worse. BUT I also made a promise to finish posting Destiny's Fools and I am going to do that before I already have a rant.

Spoilers and TL:DR version - Privatisation Bad.

That aught to keep the need out of my blood stream for a little bit. Destiny's Fools is going to end sometime soonish

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Monday, Day 1, Busy Week Ahead

Still seven active cases, and I am eagerly awaiting the moment when that number goes down. An event which may never happen if people keep trying to come in here from plague countries.

So here's the PLN for this week

  • Monday - House unfuckening and the usual writing biz, getting Miss Chaos pointed in the right direction for another weeks' routine. Also, there's a thing on at Chaos' School about Positive Behaviour Learning in the afternoon
  • Tuesday - Shrink time! Still bonkers
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Saturday, Day 1, PLNs

Today's the day I usually have a good old slob-off and a carb feast. Not this time. Tomorrow being heart-shaped chocolate day, and MeMum needing some technical assistance and a new phone. Involving the new phone. And sundry other errands in the process.

I'm doing my utmost to get a story done for you as soon as possible. The forces of distraction and procrastination are strong.

In the news:

  • Rats abandoning the Muppet's sinking ship. Some Repugnicans are starting a "word of
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Wednesday, Day One, Gallumphing

Miss Chaos goes to school today. I have to organise the potential sammich stuffings and put a note in the bag about said sammiches. I actually took a break to make sure that was done.

Yay. Now to make sure Miss Chaos actually gets moving before it's time to hustle onto the bus for a fun first day of schooling. Little Miss Pessimism insists there's no point so she got the Education Is Important lecture.

A peek at the news:

  • 17YO charged
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Sunday, Day 1, Slob Day

The total active case count is at twenty-one. Better, but still not fantastic. Having a day two would be nice. It's been a while. I got to watch ToastyGlow create more video and chat with everyone there about utter nonsense. You know. Lots of fun.

I have a story written and vague plans to do some art progress after I take a nap because I've been awake since midnight. Yay.

In the news:

  • ScoMo caught out being a hypocrite. Again
  • The plague
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Sunday, Day One, Sigh

Twenty-one active cases, but no new infections. Huzzah? Meanwhile, the USA narrowly avoided being on fire by today. The Repugnicans in office attempted to identify the rioters as "antifa", which makes in now officially code for "anyone the right wing finds currently inconvenient". Whoops.

Several arrests have already been made. Turns out that the Capitol police who were off duty were in the rioting crowd. No firkin wonder the ones on duty treated the rioters with kid gloves.

There needs to be

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Monday, Day One, Once more around again

Today, I am unfuckening the house. Today, I may get as far as transferring all my open tabs to Firefox because it's one of the few browsers that doesn't sell my data to the highest bidder. I already have search engines that actually do some good in the world, so I might as well complete the process.

Now all I need is a cloud drive not run for profit and I'll be set.

I'd be writing all my books in Novlr if

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Monday, Day One, a breather

The grand post-crimbolio unfuckening is happening tomorrow. This means that I'll be arranging all of that and mixing in Patreon stuff as well.


I may have to throw out food. Not my favourite thing. The rest of the family is not a fan of sweet things and the sweet things are going off.


I'm going to write an Instant. I may post some Patreon nonsense early. I don't know. I'll see how I feel about things when I get there.

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Wednesday, Day One, Hunkering

Tomorrow, I am unfuckening the house, then going on a cross-country expedition to bring MeMum over for the holiday. The story will happen later, if I don't manage to squeeze it in before I take off.

Fully expect to not see it until WAY later in the day. Yuletide traffic is always a bitch. I can try to keep it brief, but you should all know by now that the story takes me where it wants to go and if that happens

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Sunday, Day One, PLNs

Toasty did some lovely work towards their planned fid Days which is allegedly lower effort than Lion. Allegedly. I swear they spent twenty minutes figuring out gradients for one frame. Much distraction was had and given by all.

It happens that way sometimes.

Sometimes, you need to faff about to get a great idea. Sometimes, you just need to chill. This morning was one of those times for Toasty. It may be one of those mornings for me. I can't tell from

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