Day One

A 72-post collection

Monday, Day 1, School Hols

Plague news: No new cases. Twenty-seven total active cases, nineteen in hospital, and none in the ICU any more. Yay?

We finally have the stuff to turn my hair Really Blue and we're going to. But to really begin I'm going to get a broom and round up the nonsense all over the floor. We need to tidy.

Beloved has been a whirlwind and I should firkin help out. Now that I can.

In the news:

  • Body found in the Wyoming leads to what might have happened to a missing couple
  • Antivaxxers are booking jab appointments and not showing up, wasting doses for everyone
  • AFL star has a new date
  • Plague Rules and where they're in action
  • Australia at 71% vaxxed population
  • Teen kills entire family
  • Dude who injected his biceps with vaseline to look pumped may have killed himself
  • China's imminent economic collapse could effect housing prices in Aus

I will keep on writing, but for now you get something I've written.

Monday, Day 1, Shenanigans

Plague news: No new cases! Twenty-one total active cases, fourteen of those are in hospital.

Beloved and I are unfucking the house some more. My whirlwind wife is making progress I never thought possible. It's amazing.

Somewhere in our agenda, there's going to be a fix for my hair. We over-estimated the power of one of the chemicals and it came out as the wrong sort of blue. Whoops.

There's also going to be cauliflower gnocci at some point.

In other news,

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Wednesday, Day 1, Wordpress

Plague news: no new cases! Eighteen total active cases, with fourteen in hospital.

Today, I need to go forth and purchase for myself some tinned fish. Aldi is good for that.

BUT that will happen after I've posted today's story, and likely after I've fed everyone the latest instalment of my Tiefling's sad sad backstory.

I have (temporarily) run out of edits to work on for Adapting so I don't have to fret about that. Yay? But I still have to fret

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Saturday, Day 1, Editing HOOOOO!

Plague news: No new cases! There's eighteen total active cases in Queensland and fifteen of them are in hospital.

They can yell about our border control, but we stepped on Delta and they didn't. So ner.

I have PLNs today to polish the entirety of Chapter One of Adapting. In fits and starts, belike, but I will get all the edits seen to. I also plot to eat a lot of carbs as a reward.

In the news:

  • Israel hit with a
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Wednesday, Day 1, Wordpress and Jab

Plague news: NO NEW CASES! Twenty-three total active cases, with seventeen in the hospital.

These are numbers I like to see.

Today's the day I get sub-zero serum added into my arm and become a superhuman wifi hotspot a little better protected against the plague. Huzzah. I also have all day to low-key panic about this.

Of course you, my lovely readers, get another installment of my terrible Tiefling's backstory that explains exactly why he's such a paranoid arsehole with a prickly

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Thursday, Day 1, Not Organised

Plague news: Zero new cases! Thirty-seven total active cases, twenty one in hospital, two in the ICU.

We're getting on top of the outbreak. Not completely safe yet, but we're getting there.

We now possess a video doorbell. Which came with a sticker that is impossible to affix to any household surface. I've sought help about this but I don't have high hopes.

Beloved is going to make a vinyl replacement for the sticker that won't at some point later tonight. Meanwhile,

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Monday, Day 1, Moving Along

Plague news: No new cases! Thirty-nine total active cases, eighteen in hospital, and one in the ICU.

Capt S. has demanded more time with us in return for her not spouting a bunch of TERF talking points in our direction. IDK how to feel about that, but it's another Saturday not spent catching up on missing output or making gains on any other project in progress. OTOH we did kind of spend the entire visit talking with an Aunt about it on

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Friday, Day 1, Gearing Up

Plague news: NO NEW CASES! Seventy-nine total active cases, with twenty-one in hospital and one in the ICU.

Anxiety is at a peak here in the household as today we PLN to get some final gussying-up before we drop the big reveal tomorrow. That will be happening after household unfuckening and maybe after Chaos returns from school.

I'm still being gentle with myself until all reasons to be panicking are dealt with. One way or another. Stress is hell on inspiration.


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Tuesday, Day 1, Shrinky Bzns

Plague news: NO NEW CASES! One hundred and twenty-nine total active cases, with thirty-four in hospital, one in the ICU.

It is so nice to see the numbers dwindling. I can breathe a little easier even if I am still wearing a mask.

I have already posted my story for Tale Foundry but my lucky Patrons will be seeing the extended version that I had to cut because word limits.

Today is not a good day for internets in this household so

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Wednesday, Day 1, Wordpress

Plague news: No new cases. Twenty-five total active cases, twenty-five in hospital, and one in the ICU.

I'm booked to get my Pfizer shots in September. Huzzah. After I'm over that nonsense, I'll sync Chaos' shots with the holidays so she can be miserable at home with them... and discuss things with Mayhem about his. Beloved is apparently getting their shots at work. I don't know the time window there.


More Terrible Tiefling Tale is due on my Wordpress and I

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Sunday, Day 1, Well Shoot

Plague news: No new cases! Twenty-one total active cases, nineteen in hospital, and one in the ICU.

I'm daring to have hope.

Meanwhile, some thousands of Knomiras had a protest in Sydney about not being allowed to go out and spread Delta all over civilised spaces their right to free movement. There's been violence.

I used to think that it was evil to wish death on fellow humans. And yet... may the Powers forgive me... I'm starting to want to wish every

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Friday, Day 1, Busy Time

Plague news: NO NEW CASES! Twenty-six total active cases, twenty-five in hospital, and one in the ICU.

I love seeing the numbers drop.

We're still masking in Sunny Queensland and still being paranoid. It seems to be working. Let's hope it continues.

Today, I have to:

  • feed my Starters
  • unfuck my environment
  • write 1K
  • continue building encounter spaces in TaleSpire for the campaign I'm plotting to run
  • continue tagging tales for my app

In the news:

  • Unvaccinated doctor blamed for infections in
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Saturday, Day 1, Shenanigans

Plague news: NO NEW CASES! Forty-five total active, forty-one of those are in hospital. OMG it's been forever and a week.

Queensland is planning to shut its borders to NSW again because the Delta variant is all over there. Best to be safe rather than sorry.

The sooner they can vaccinate everyone against all variants of the plague, the better.

Today's PLN involves messing about on TaleSpire to discover how to use it. LIVE ON TWITCH. But after I've had some noms

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Thursday, Day 1, Continuing nonsense

Plague news: twenty-one total cases, twenty of those are in hospital. That's a bit of a scary leap.

Today, Mayhem has a PLN to learn how to fix electronica. Starting with a friends' mouse. We all gotta begin somewhere. I have a PLN to go to Costco and get myself some prawns.

I used the last of my supplies to try making a keto version of Special Fried Rice, and... I'm the only one in the house who was willing to eat

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Saturday, Day 1, Programming Tears Ahoy

Plague news: ZERO firkin new cases! Hooray! Just wait 20 days though... Fifteen active cases, eleven in hospital.

Today, I work a BUNCH on the app in progress. There will be tears. BUT I also have a hellacious amount of carbs to soothe my soul.

I... may... have already snacked myself sick in anticipation.

In the news:

  • A star I have literally never heard of before suffers the heartbreak of finding his wife's body, poor sod
  • Muppet confirms that yes, he is
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