Saturday, Day 1, Editing HOOOOO!

Plague news: No new cases! There's eighteen total active cases in Queensland and fifteen of them are in hospital.

They can yell about our border control, but we stepped on Delta and they didn't. So ner.

I have PLNs today to polish the entirety of Chapter One of Adapting. In fits and starts, belike, but I will get all the edits seen to. I also plot to eat a lot of carbs as a reward.

In the news:

  • Israel hit with a vax-proof variant of plague despite being highest-vaxed nation. Conspiracy nuts go wild
  • NSW opening up despite being a plague cesspit
  • Woman walks through US airport wearing only bikini and mask, is slammed for same 9_9
  • Some idiot with a knife attacked a supermarket in NZ, allegedly inspired by Isis
  • Muppet about to trumpet his triumphant return for 2024
  • Property values chucking people out of their homes
  • Knock knock/Who's there?/Interrupting plague variant/ Interrupting plague var--/ MU! Jokes aside, this one can't be stood on by any extant vaccines and, join the chorus, is deadlier and spreads faster than any before it
  • Boy hospitalised in Sydney after touching a moth cocoon. Straya mate
  • Woman slammed for ::checks notes:: putting a bin inside the house during a massive spring clean
  • Tourists blasted for bothering pregnant seals on a beach ::readies chorus of Dumb Ways to Die::
  • Heavy storms and flash flooding to hid SE states and territories. Time for ScoMo to pack for a holiday
  • More Pfizer for Australia. Yay
  • Musk manipulating the crypto market again
  • China once more threatening to hurt Australia in the economy. Joke's on them, we just sell our shit elsewhere

And now... storytime.