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Wednesday, Day 0, Mor Jabs

Plague news: One new case, an import. Twenty-nine total active cases, nineteen of those are in hospital. I'm due to get my second Pfizer jab this afternoon! All of Australia's almost at 73% having their first jab, and we're nearly at 48% having had their second. Queensland is 42% fully vaxxed.

I have some devastating story to share on Wordpress today. Kosh is throwing himself at heartbreak and smashing himself to pieces. One among many instances of self-destructive behaviour that occur during his life.

Beloved is also getting her jab today also. Our plns to have our vaccines spaced out is now moot. We shall suffer alike and baby ourselves and each other.

In fact, I have boxes of chicken soup set aside in the freezer for just this occasion.

I shall be checking my card multiple times today.

In the news:

  • Whistleblower says the plague could have been extant months before the first outbreak was reported
  • Gabby Petito case heating up: Cause of death homicide, boyfriend may have been spotted 800km away
  • Antivaxxers are protesting tradies' rights to refuse the plague vax
  • Yet another staunch antivaxxer has died of the plague, but the fam has been able to raise thousands to cover her funeral. Thoughts and prayers
  • Chinese YouTuber has been muzzled for saying the wrong thing

And now for the fiction you've all been waiting for.

Thursday, Day 0, Post-jab Paranoia

Plague news: One new case, an import. Twenty-three total active cases, with seventeen in the hospital. It's Day One of post-Pfizer dose one for me.

I haven't had as many mucous issues this morning and correlation is not causation, but I have joked that the Pfizer jab has cured my asthma. It hasn't really. I'm going to give myself a dose on the nebuliser, Max, and make sure I stay hydrated.

Thanks to anxiety, I'm more than a little drained. If I

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Wednesday, Day 1, Wordpress and Jab

Plague news: NO NEW CASES! Twenty-three total active cases, with seventeen in the hospital.

These are numbers I like to see.

Today's the day I get sub-zero serum added into my arm and become a superhuman wifi hotspot a little better protected against the plague. Huzzah. I also have all day to low-key panic about this.

Of course you, my lovely readers, get another installment of my terrible Tiefling's backstory that explains exactly why he's such a paranoid arsehole with a prickly

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Challenge #03098-H190: We Already Made That Choice

A planet has a rogue virus that is quite dangerous and, for some, lethal. A vaccination has been found, but due to a dangerous quirk of the virus, it's being difficult about combining it with an immuno-flu, so the old-fashioned shots have to do until another way is found.

Unfortunately, the "pure life" protestors are there trying to physically stop the medical ships from getting to the planet, and they're willing to open fire to stop them. -- Anon Guest

There were

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factualfeminist: jayparkinsonmd: There's currently a measles outbreak occurring in Williamsburg and Borough Park in Brooklyn. There have...



There’s currently a measles outbreak occurring in Williamsburg and Borough Park in Brooklyn. There have been 34 cases, 8 of which were in adults.

Here’a brief history of measles in America. This is what effective vaccines do: 

Measles is coming back because of a quack of a doctor in the UK who admitted to publishing blatantly false data for fame and notoriety. He falsely connected autism with the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccine. He’s since admitted it

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