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Challenge #02319-F129: Not Paranoia If...

A ship's captain is particularly paranoid and adds stun guns to all areas of the ship, for emergencies. -- Anon Guest

In the years that ze was captain of the Twitching Whisker, Thragaak was derided as a delusional paranoid with a persecution complex. Now, we know hir as visionary who was years ahead of hir time. Plying the sargasso as ze did, surviving close calls with Deathworlders and unfamiliar peoples, it was, perhaps, wisdom to believe that They really were out to get hir.

The historic decision is on record, following too close a call with a Vorax Raider Scout, who was repelled by a hypersonic device designed for pest control.

"The crew of this ship," said Thragaak, pacing in front of hir chief officers, "have never been closer to death than they were yesterday. We had a lucky escape, and we cannot expect another. We must prepare."

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Challenge #01822-D361: Security Overload

With all the fragmentations of humanity, especially the Deregulations, is it a surprise that a collection of old conspiracy theories became a society's Holy Book? -- Bard2dBone

They say, It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you. And for some, they believe that is true. It's easier to believe that there is a large, organised Them behind everything bad than it is to believe that shit happens and the people in charge are more concerned with their own pals

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So I wrote a sad!fic

…mostly to make the monsters in the back of my head shut up for five consecutive seconds.

And of course it’s about Steam Powered Giraffe, because I’ve been thinking WAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY too long about what Walter Robotics will do when they start running out of the original singing automatons. Or when Rabbit finally fails too hard.

…yeah… character death.

Far-far-*far*-distant future character death, but character death all the same.

I am *SUCH* a cheerful

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