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Challenge #03062-H139: Piracy - Just Say Nononono AAAUUUGH!

A tiger bite force is 1050 psi, a crocodile have a bite force of 5000 psi. A human, 126 psi. Not much but it’s a sign. If a human bite you, understand that they disregarded any self respect or proper thinking just to survive. Unless it’s a baby. -- Anon Guest

There's a reason why Humans consider biting to be "fighting dirty" and it's not just because their mouths are cesspools of bacteria and partial digestive juices. Pound for pound, the Human bite is one of the weakest amongst all Terran fauna. Therefore, when a Human has to employ their teeth, they have run out of all other options. A Human in that position will go out making certain that their attacker is going to meet with some of the most aggressive microbiota and enzymes known to intelligent life.

That said, it is still a rather impressive bite force when compared to other cogniscents. As Pirate Jibz is discovering as a Human's teeth are sinking past his natural biological armour and into his soft and sensitive underflesh. He had thought he had the Human helpless. If he survived, he would remember the axiom for all those who would try to oppose those weird maniac balding apes: The only safe Human is a dead Human, and even then, caution is advised[1].

The bite had its desired effect for the Human. Jibz let them go and used his remaining arm to aim a weapon. The Human, blessed with Deathworlder reflexes, ducked and sprang forward, into Jibz's reach and pushing past that point with all possible force. Another axiom came to mind: There is no such thing as an unarmed Human.

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Challenge #02319-F129: Not Paranoia If...

A ship's captain is particularly paranoid and adds stun guns to all areas of the ship, for emergencies. -- Anon Guest

In the years that ze was captain of the Twitching Whisker, Thragaak was derided as a delusional paranoid with a persecution complex. Now, we know hir as visionary who was years ahead of hir time. Plying the sargasso as ze did, surviving close calls with Deathworlders and unfamiliar peoples, it was, perhaps, wisdom to believe that They really were out to

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“Don’t make me go away?” – by me I love Derpy. I love her even more now that she’s had a few lines in the...

“Don’t make me go away?” – by me

I love Derpy. I love her even more now that she’s had a few lines in the show. Now, some folks seem to think that Derpy and her portrayal is “ableist”. I think it’s quite the opposite.

There are kids out there who have learning difficulties. They are going to have to deal with people like Rainbow Dash who don’t have or

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