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Sunday, Day One, "Fun"

Plague news: No new cases! There's seven total active cases, six of those are in hospital. Australia's at 91% first vax, 84.9% fully vaxxed. Queensland is barely squeezing ahead of WA at 84% first vax, 73% fully vaxxed. Make no mistake, this is the race for LAST place.

Beloved got anxious about my waking time. Again. For the third time. And in trying to explain the mechanics, I made her cry. Damnit. There's a reminder system for Saturday and Sunday now so hopefully no more confusion is in the wings.

Unless we lose the postit note on her monitor -_-

Anyway, there's probably not a lot of news at the moment. I'm filling in time before Toasty's stream with fiction. Also waiting for the dishwasher because my coffee and soup cups are in there.

In the news:

  • Antivax, antimask, antisense protestors in Melbourne cop consequences for threatening the Premier
  • Tennis star vanishes, controversy erupts
  • Child dies of plague in Victoria
  • Ernie Dingo cops it for trying to get the First Australians vaccinated
  • More protests against good fucking sense in Victoria
  • No wonder they have 3-4figure case counts

I continue writing and waiting. My latest batch of self-indulgent romantic bullshit is racing along apace.

Challenge #01927-E103: Clean-out in Aisle Seventy

The joys of 'Bargain bins' and 'end of Season' clearances. -- Anon Guest

Sale (n): A period of time in which retail emporiums lower the prices of their merchandise to cost or slightly below cost to save on storage fees. -- The Cynical Dictionary.

Wise men said that only fools rushed in. They were the ones who spent their savings on shiny gimcrack that wouldn't even last a weekend. Therefore, when the doors opened on the Big Box Mart Once A Year

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