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Challenge #03739-J086: Better Than Waiting it Out

They are an immortal, and they have the gift of a healing touch. Their goal is to heal any and all who are in need and find medicines to treat the sick. They do not wish for thank yous, just to know lives are saved. They meet Wraithvine and ask that they may travel with hir a while, in their quest to aid in saving lives. -- Anon Guest

Bibrid had been pushing on the last rock in his way for a hundred years. The crumbling mortar finally gave way and the stone tumbled free. At last. Enough room to clamber out of the ageing prison cell.

This was the fifth era that some ruling so-and-so decided that his gifts were meant to be exclusive. This one had learned that a Dragon could change to and from anthropic[1] forms, and therefore kept him trapped in a place he could not fly away from. Still appearing to be a silver-hued Gnome, he gave himself some plain clothing through illusion and set forth into a changed world.

He had to be very careful. Work without looking like he was working. Pass through the areas of anguish like a breeze. Never get spotted. Never be seen by the kind of people that could have Bibrid in someone's chains all over again.

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Challenge #03580-I291: For Want of a Toaster

A person is watching some old, archived, videos of humans Pre-Shattering. Some videos showing a place called Amerikka and an event called "Black Friday". Where hundreds of humans end up trampling some others, injuring and killing some, just to get into a store to buy cheap, disposable, items. -- Anon Guest

The theatre marquee declared it to be Archival Footage Viewing and Classification: Pre-Shattering Terra. Which should be enough warning for anyone. Curiosity, an almost fatal Human flaw, drew Kam in like

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Challenge #03086-H178: What a Deal

If. The codicil to a lot of Life's bargains, often toxic, usually starting in learning years, where you often learn more than what's on the syllabus. -- Nonny the Mouse

Sadi hadn't known what they were getting into when they got into it. What they were used to getting into was Miss Tiven's Crap List. This time, Sadi had accidentally wandered into the Feywilds. It wasn't really Sadi's fault, they were just following instructions as best they could remember... so they thought.

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Challenge #02921-G364: One For You...

"don't make deals with a Devil, unless that Devil is me,

Better the devil you know, than the devil you don't,

'coz NOTHING is ever truly free, ALL Devils have a fee!"

-- 'Ancient' Terran Aussie Saying -- Adam in Darwin

[AN: Ah yes, the ancient Aussie sage of wisdom, Kylie Minogue]

It's difficult to trust a Tiefling at the best of times, and why not? They look exactly like they stepped out of a woodcut from The Temptation of Everyman. It's

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Challenge #01927-E103: Clean-out in Aisle Seventy

The joys of 'Bargain bins' and 'end of Season' clearances. -- Anon Guest

Sale (n): A period of time in which retail emporiums lower the prices of their merchandise to cost or slightly below cost to save on storage fees. -- The Cynical Dictionary.

Wise men said that only fools rushed in. They were the ones who spent their savings on shiny gimcrack that wouldn't even last a weekend. Therefore, when the doors opened on the Big Box Mart Once A Year

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