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Challenge #03739-J086: Better Than Waiting it Out

They are an immortal, and they have the gift of a healing touch. Their goal is to heal any and all who are in need and find medicines to treat the sick. They do not wish for thank yous, just to know lives are saved. They meet Wraithvine and ask that they may travel with hir a while, in their quest to aid in saving lives. -- Anon Guest

Bibrid had been pushing on the last rock in his way for a hundred years. The crumbling mortar finally gave way and the stone tumbled free. At last. Enough room to clamber out of the ageing prison cell.

This was the fifth era that some ruling so-and-so decided that his gifts were meant to be exclusive. This one had learned that a Dragon could change to and from anthropic[1] forms, and therefore kept him trapped in a place he could not fly away from. Still appearing to be a silver-hued Gnome, he gave himself some plain clothing through illusion and set forth into a changed world.

He had to be very careful. Work without looking like he was working. Pass through the areas of anguish like a breeze. Never get spotted. Never be seen by the kind of people that could have Bibrid in someone's chains all over again.

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