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Challenge #04162-K144: Help to All in Need

The human had helped nurse the very, very sick dragon back to health. The dragon'd had trouble laying her eggs and it'd taken a toll on her. They stayed to help the dragon, as did their family, and when the eggs hatched, the human and hir family helped the dragon raise their brood, so that all children, human and dragon, knew the love and warmth of a big family. -- Anon Guest

If you believe that all life is precious, truly and deeply, you act to help all life in its needs. Even though Slaine Dunne was a vegan, she went out of her way to secure healthy cattle to feed to her patient. Who happened to be a Dragon, still suffering the effects of a Draconic fever at the worst possible time.

Their eggs were by a steam vent, safely nested and turned four times a day. They would hatch, soon. Tiny babies that would have their own special needs.

Slaine smeared sides of meat and organs with herbs, muttering prayers for the souls of the animals that had given their lives to support another. She set aside the softer parts for the babies that were due to hatch.

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Challenge #04157-K139: Gifts of Justice

I'm not afraid of getting hurt, but I admit, I'm also well aware I'm not strong. Nevertheless, I refuse to stand here and do nothing. -- DaniAndShali

Bravery is not the lack of fear. It is being afraid and acting anyway. It is facing down injustice knowing that it could hurt to stand up for the downtrodden.

She was an outcast, eking out an existence on the sketchier side of the village. He was meant to be fetching medicine for his auntie.

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Challenge #04155-K137: A Double-edged Blade

Some believe that swords have souls and lives of their own, and thus deserve their own names. Those who love their blades will be acknowledged by them in turn. But those who see their swords as friends or even lovers should be warned that this relationship is built on death and bloodshed. The passions of those who dance with their blade amid crimson showers must surely be cooled someday by fickle steel. -- Anon Guest

There are legends about that kind of

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Challenge #04150-K132: Blame the Bully

A kind individual helps a younger individual learn that the bullying and mistreatment they've suffered is NOT their fault, they didn't do anything wrong. The ones who were in the wrong were their bullies. -- Anon Guest

"Devilborn! Devil-bred! Go and cry and wet your bed!"

There were worse things the children of the town could be doing to him than their daily chant. They could throw anything, including punches and hard objects. Or soft objects.

If he was fast enough. Wily

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Challenge #04149-K131: Judge Not - or Else!

The new young Watch member gets a sharp lesson in judging others. An apology is to be made first, and then they must learn to observe others, and get to know them, before making judgement calls. It's a rather... interesting piece of disciplinary action. -- Anon Guest

Officer Pembroke was learning, almost against his will. He had already learned that short-haired Elves aren't necessarily criminals. He'd very recently learned that the Halfbred Harukh walking around with

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Challenge #04147-K129: Eldritch Intimacy

A: Hey bard have you seen my Necronomicon?

B: right here. It’s was an interesting read.

A: You read it? The Necronomicon?

B: Yes, I found some wonderful inspiration inside. Shall I ordain you a tune? -- Anon Guest

[AN: Link to the video includes rude language, sexual language, and the generic horny bard. Dead dove, do not eat]

Certain tomes should not exist. Some should never have been penned. Some are loaded weapons, waiting to kill again. In these cases,

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Challenge #04139-K121: Honesty Aggression

A wizard, fed up with people lying just so they can get other people humiliated, hurt, or worse, begins cursing those that habitual liars so that they lose the ability to lie, not in spoken or written word. -- Anon Guest

Wraithvine got the blame, as ze does for most magnificent acts of magic. Nobody else could have the time or motivation to do what had been done to Ymamoraal. So they said.

Never underestimate the power and devotion of a pissed-off

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Challenge #04138-K120: Truth to Power

"You say this is what you want, but is it really? Or is it what others tell you that you want? You say you need this, but is it what you really need? Or what others expect of you? Look into your heart, look into this mirror, for it will read your heart, and if your heart equals the desires you say you have, then I will help you with what you wish. If it does not? Then I will help you

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Challenge #04131-K113: Useless Witness

The dragon looked upon the tired adventurer who stood there quietly after patching up their injuries.

Dragon - "I offered you gold and gems, you stand by a huge pile of treasure yet you do not reach for a single coin, you are not like most who make it this far."

Adventurer- "That's not real treasure, that's just gold."

Dragon - "Then what is it you seek?"

Adventurer - "You're over a millennia old, all I want is to learn the truth

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Challenge #04128-K110: Unwelcome in More Places

Several humans from a larger nearby polity, learning of the city of Middenden, try to go and subjugate it. It's filled with "filthy monsters" after all and "devils". Their heavily armed soldiers, and their leaders, quickly learn these beings are not weak, and are tired of being treated like this, they deserve respect too, damnit! -- Lessons

The real problem with People of Import is that they have a great influence on everyone who knows them.

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Challenge #04123-K105: Fel Fiancee

The letter was written as Wraithvine suggested, the princess visiting the new young, very nervous, king. It's good to make friends one's own age to talk to. -- Fighting Fit

King Kosh was apparently a tight-fisted monarch. Not spending very much on appearances, pomp, nor circumstance. The Princess Optimism Caibanise Ayoka Whitekeep arrived on horseback, in travelling leathers, and had an Elven 'grass' blade at her hip for defence. Her staff were similarly equipped.

Only her

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Challenge #04121-K103: What You Give...

A cruel lord tries to make the temple of helping hands illegal. They come to regret it and repent. -- Anon Guest

"Encouraging vagrancy and generating an atmosphere of listlessness," Pastor Tolerance read the highlights of the notice in her hands. "Sheltering the criminal element... if the building remains, I'll be arrested for masquerading as a woman of the cloth?" She passed it to Bathild, the Priest of Freja.

They had to don their reading glasses to examine the myopic script. "Charity

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Challenge #04119-K101: Unplanned Landscaping Incident

The dragon was young, admittedly, only about a 100 human years. It tended to rampage, but so far not in any place where cogniscent beings lived. But it was only a matter of time. A much, MUCH, older dragon decided to put a stop to such behaviors firmly. Before it caused a ruckus that would end up risking other dragons lives. -- Anon Guest

Ze called hirself Remrot, like all young Dragons, ze liked a name with a bit of edge. In

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Challenge #04113-K095: Truce With Benefits

They were the leader of an enormous pack of kobolds. All of them had found a gold vein. All of their burrows were very well defended. The humans seemed to treat them politely enough to their faces, because they had gold, but also talked hatefully behind their backs due to being kobolds. Then, when potentially deadly dangers arose, the humans realize it's not the gold that's the true value of having a kobold's friendship. -- Anon Guest

Kobolds, Gobelliin, and occasionally Gnomes

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Challenge #04105-K087: Family Fireside

Young Vindication, now almost a grown adult speaks to his friends of when he first met his older brothers. His mother who sat with them, adding in bits and pieces as they all sit around a fire enjoying a peaceful family camping trip. -- Anon Guest

With a family name like Merrimine, there's a reputation. The young Viceroy had grown up steeped in it. He had to keep it, alas, since the name also came with

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