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Challenge #04057-K039: Kind and Gentle Help

A stranger stumbles out of the alleyway, tired, tear-streaked, and sore. Seeing Wraithvine, they give them a hug and begin to weep. Then they apologize for that, but they desperately needed a hug today. -- Anon Guest

Sometimes, all that two kind hands can do is wrap gently and give comfort to someone who is suffering.

The person who collapsed into Wraithvine's arms and soaked hir shoulder with tears took their time shuddering to a halt. They were still clinging to Wraithvine when they started babbling apologies.

"I'm so sorry, I just saw a kind face and-- I shouldn't impose on your time like this.... I'm sorry, I can't let go..." They devolved into repeated, "I'm sorry"s until their shuddering sobs took their words away.

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Challenge #04007-J355: Essential Operations

Wraithvine and friends are asked to help teach apprentice healers who are going to be assigned to local orphanages to help care for the kids and keep them healthy. Some of the children come up to them with torn, or otherwise damaged, stuffies and ask the healers to please treat their "friends". -- Anon Guest

In any large enough city, it's no accident that Healer's schools are in close proximity to the orphanages or poorhouses. They are, after all, the places that

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Challenge #03995-J343: How to Leave Without Notice

Jay is approached by his supervisor with offer of lessons to tend to kids, and to treat injuries. Next few assignments might need the knowledge. -- DaniAndShali

"I don't really know what I can teach," said Jay. "I know what I survived, but..." He trailed off, resuming his usual performance of attempted invisibility. An old habit from his time before he escaped.

"That's what you can teach," said Counsellor Tye retained hir normal calm affect. Being the island of tranquility in the

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Challenge #03993-J341: The War on Plague

The entire city is on lockdown. The spotted sickness has come. They were calling to all who were willing, please help. -- Anon Guest

The disease was a terror. The young could survive it, true, but if they were too young, it could kill them. Similarly, if they were too old, it could also killed. Those lucky to survive could be scarred for life. Rendered blind, deaf, or pock-marked from their encounter. Some were turned simple from the fever. Some were impaired

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Challenge #03896-J244: Welcome to the Universe

Three newborn humans, two very exhausted parentals, and a ship full of friends ready and willing to help. -- Anon Guest

"Triplets?" asked Companion Drask. She had heard of the concept, but it still boggled the mind.

"No, one had twins and the other had one." Companion Morq repeated himself. "Both our Humans were pregnant." He belatedly remembered that Drask was oviparous. "Hatching."

"I thought they were mates. Humans are dimorphic, aren't they?"

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Challenge #03895-J243: Mnemonics Exist for a Reason

A small child bumps into Jay and Lilicoon. They're lost and ask help to find their parentals. And can they help the child tie their shoes? -- Anon Guest

They had been enjoying a good night out, and it almost time for it to end. They were both dawdling on getting to the 'goodbyes' for the evening. Walking slower. Finding things to mention and have another conversation about it.

"'Scuse me," said a little voice. A very small child. "Are you good

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Challenge #03860-J208: A Very Good Friend

Human A (sobbing): The world is too loud and everything hurts and I'M BADLY OVERSTIMULATED.

Human B: I can bring you a beer?

Human A: I'm out of beer.

Human B: I have beer.

Human A: Your beer tastes like shit. -- Anon Guest

"Doesn't all beer taste like shit though?" Argued Human Barb. "We don't drink it for the flakking taste anyway."

"I still have enough to deal with without your disasterous idea of a good beer," countered Human Ari. "Take

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Challenge #03796-J143: All the Comfort You're Worth

The human keeps falling asleep at their work station. But why? -- Anon Guest

It had happened again. Human Yu was sitting at hir station, eyes gently closed, but otherwise stable in hir seat. Hir head was slowly tilting forwards and down and ze would soon jolt awake with a snort.

The crew of the Phlogiston knew that Rescue Humans had their issues, but this was one the Alliance hadn't encountered before.

Therefore, it was greatly concerning.

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Challenge #03556-I267: Directed Assistance

A human, once a wealthy aristocrat, is begging in the streets now. They'd made mistakes, big mistakes, and now begged the Elven wizard and hir friends for help. They were truly sorry for what they did. What help did they want? Money? Power? No. Even though they were broke, they were trying to save those they, themselves, had impoverished, before it was too late. -- Anon Guest

Some in rags, and some in tags, and one in a velvet gown... The robe

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