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Challenge #04057-K039: Kind and Gentle Help

A stranger stumbles out of the alleyway, tired, tear-streaked, and sore. Seeing Wraithvine, they give them a hug and begin to weep. Then they apologize for that, but they desperately needed a hug today. -- Anon Guest

Sometimes, all that two kind hands can do is wrap gently and give comfort to someone who is suffering.

The person who collapsed into Wraithvine's arms and soaked hir shoulder with tears took their time shuddering to a halt. They were still clinging to Wraithvine when they started babbling apologies.

"I'm so sorry, I just saw a kind face and-- I shouldn't impose on your time like this.... I'm sorry, I can't let go..." They devolved into repeated, "I'm sorry"s until their shuddering sobs took their words away.

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