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Challenge #02519-F329: For the Greater Good

Several Enforcers of Pax Humanis teamed up and took down a pirate's ship. They were tearing the ship apart from the inside-out when one hears crying in one of the cargo holds. Tearing the hold's doors off, they find dozens of children, human and haven-worlder, locked in cages with price tags already printed on the tops of them. Now they have children to care for, and the potential buyers? Were about to get a lesson in what it meant to mess with the innocent on Pax Humanis's watch!

Before anyone gets any really bad ideas, this harkens back to a disgraceful era in human history when children were sold off to become zoo attractions. Or, if they had odd deformities, sold to circuses to be part of the freak shows. -- DaniAndShali

[AN: Actual shitty things Humanity has done to other(ed) Humans. You can google this yourself. Actual children - usually children of colour - were exhibited in zoos like animals. Though the freak shows used to contain the crown stars of circuses, it wasn't that great to know your own parents sold you for profit. Nowadays, the deformed have to fight tooth and nail for any assistive devices/living helpers they need and get stared at when out in society. Hooray for progress? /end rant]

They had been sent to deal with space pirates. They knew what to do with those. Though the Faadraxi had thrown up their hands and pleaded incapability when the Alliance attempted to get them to enforce Galactic Law... they were quick to attempt amelioration when Pax Humanis was put into play. Too little, too late, by far.

Now, a suspiciously military-esque Faadraxi vessel was dead in the water, so to speak, with a team of five nasty brutes making certain there was nobody left to pull any stunts by methodically pulling the ship to pieces. Bulkhead by bulkhead, they searched the vessel. They found drugs, porn, secret stashes of pastries and treats, photos of home that also included suspiciously military backgrounds. Those were good evidence.

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Challenge #02241-F051: Courage Pour L'enfents

There is no living creature more dangerous than a mother wanting to protect children. Even if the mother is an Havenworlder. -- Anon Guest

The UFTP vessel Vengeance tried their best to make it to the Havenworld Yannomar in time. They had pushed everything to the limit, including the Human crew. They had hoped to make it in time to save lives, and found scenes of devastation instead. Too late. The Konthar had already struck, and apparently left the southern continents in

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Challenge #02234-F044: Incidental Hazards

Young children like to lounge on people, caregivers and companions alike. Do other species deal with this? -- Anon Guest

There is an instinct almost universal to the young of any given species. Stay close to your caregiver. Once able to move about free of the nest/clutch/creche/pouch, the caregiver is still a bastion of protection, font of education, and primary source of emotional resilience. In species with communal childrearing, any older member of the species will do.

Which was

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Challenge #02233-F043: Greatest Responsibility

What would an intergalactic nursery look like? -- Anon Guest

Multi-species infant care is a fascinating workplace to begin with. For each species, there are separate demands beyond the standards of clean, warm, and comfortable. There are some general rules, like mammals do best when fed on their parental secretions. Reptilian life forms, for instance, get essential gut bacteria from their parentals' regurgitations. Some, like Humans, thrive with the assistance of gentle physical contact. Others are too frail to be disturbed until

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