Challenge #03912-J260: Games That Neophytes Play

A giggling toddler swipes Wraithvine's hat when it was set on the ground. They run around camp trying to wear it and, well, be a typical silly, happy, toddler. -- Anon Guest

Certain happenstances are universal. If you have a less-than ordinary accessory and put it down, the nearest toddler is going to steal it for laughs. Cane? A toddler is going to take it and run away laughing. Cloak? The toddler is going to become the campsite blanket monster. Funny hat? Guess what...

Wraithvine didn't even have time to take out hir comb before the smallest child capable of grabbing and running took the hat and immediately took off.

Ze'd been through this sort of thing too many times to be concerned. Ze kept combing and rebraiding hir hair as assorted adults attempted to catch the miniscule criminal. The tiny terror was having the absolute time of their life, running where no grownups could go, laughing all the way, and otherwise playing with the hat.

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