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Challenge #04184-K166: Isekai'd

[Notification: Demon Lord have been slayed]

[Notification: you have died]


[Executing Purge] [Titles have been revoked] [Skills have been revoked] [passives have been revoked] [Title: Hero, sustained]

[All Bookmarks have been deleted] -- Anon Guest

[AN: This prompt has been altered for brevity]

Waking up in the starter zone felt... different. G'ni reached up and felt hir cheek instead of the soft plastic seal of the virtuality goggles. The smell of the sea air, burned flesh, and rotting corpses was more real than it had ever been. Ze could feel the grit in hir teeth.

New teeth. That was weird.

This was... the game. But it was also real. The good news was that ze knew how to convince the AI companions to be friendly. The bad news was... ze had barely got into Act 2, and ze only knew some spoilers from online searches in real life. Damn hir habit of re-rolling a new character on every mistake.

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Challenge #04037-K019: They Love a Challenge

The station is the height for entertainment. However, the odd part is, the most popular area is the areas tend to be where there are board games, rather than the electronic games, including very realistic VR's.

One human sets up a class for teaching people how to play chess, and havenworlders seem to not only have a knack for it, but find they often beat even quite skilled human players. They love it. -- Anon Guest

Most stations exist as places to

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Challenge #03912-J260: Games That Neophytes Play

A giggling toddler swipes Wraithvine's hat when it was set on the ground. They run around camp trying to wear it and, well, be a typical silly, happy, toddler. -- Anon Guest

Certain happenstances are universal. If you have a less-than ordinary accessory and put it down, the nearest toddler is going to steal it for laughs. Cane? A toddler is going to take it and run away laughing. Cloak? The toddler is going to become the campsite blanket monster. Funny hat?

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Challenge #03698-J045: Just Their Luck

Two good-luckers decide to come together play poker. The game lasts nearly a record length before they call it a draw. The watchers enjoyed it greatly! -- Anon Guest

[AN: I know fuck all about Poker. Also there's way more than two Luckers]

There are events that exist only for the spectacle. People gathered from all over just to see it happen live.

The Luckers were having a Poker match.

There were no prizes, because these were all Good Luckers. The favoured

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Thursday, Maybe Game Night?

My GM is down with a sickness, so there might not be any D&D tonight. So I therefore have more potential time for making certain I have all my stories prepped and ready for the publishers. Yay.

Today's goal is to get the chapter headers sorted for Beauties and the Beastly and from there ready all the samples.

IDK about doing advertising blurb.

Looks like I have everything from Rael onwards. But I'm also prepared if I don't. Bless Patreon

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Monday, the Longening

I have been awake since the previous night playing D&D. I plan on being awake later this evening for MORE D&D

One of Beloved's friends is running a virtual game and I want to be a player, darnit.

It shall be interesting to see how this VTT is played. It shall also be interesting to see if I can continue playing despite Sunday Shenanigans, Long Monday, and other associated nonsense.

I will find a way. I'm manic enough

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Challenge #03055-H132: Worked Stone

It was an old custom on Earth that was once popular. Humans would paint stones with pretty pictures, happy sayings, and then, when they had a fairly large collection done, would take all of these intricate stones and scatter them all over the place so other people could find them. Often with a URL on the back for people to log in with a picture of the stone to show it was found and where. A way to brighten a person's day.

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Challenge #02617-G060: Bonding Through Irritation

The humans teach some havenworlders how to play an infamous board game known as monopoly. -- Anon Guest

Competition is innate in Humans. Without some form of competition in their lives or society, Humans tend to... wither. A society without competition goes retrograde. A Human without competition becomes bored. There are few forces in the universe more destructive than a bored Human.

Fortunately for Havenworlders, Humans tend to bring along entertainment. This may be some kind of survival instinct at work or

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Challenge #02514-F324: Roll For Initiative

Ever wonder what it would be like to disappear into your fantasy and not have to return? Video games are like that, online role play games even more. It can be more powerful than any drug, and far more seductive. But what happens when the power goes out and the person is forced to face reality? -- Anon Guest

This is a box. This is a window. Turn it on and view another reality. There were other boxes like it, in days

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Challenge #02472-F282: GG Tho

Paintball, Nerf, Air Soft, fighting competitions, obstacle courses, ect., are all games where humans play at war. It was something their children even played, preparing them to be warriors in the future, no matter their adult occupations. They had plenty of competitions to show their strength, their prowess, their aggression, and their ability to take down an enemy. Often other humans. Some Vorax have the guts to challenge some humans to a game, wanting to prove to their leaders that humans are

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Challenge #02451-F261: Which War Game

"So you're telling me... that you have an actual WAR GAME!!" -- Anon Guest

The Humans had been playing Symbolically Kill Your Friends with something called Water Guns. Traxx, watching the mayhem, was rather puzzled, and asked the obvious question: "This is a game of hunting, or a game of war?"

Human Deb answered, "Oh we have loads of games of war." Then they casually shot their ally across the hall.

Which lead to the next question: "How much number is 'loads'?

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Challenge #02332-F142: Just Playing

Human: Floor is lava! Alien: WAIT, WHAT?! — Anon Guest

Humans love to play. This does not always mean games of logic and reason, since many Humans lack the capacity for one or both of those attributes. Humans will not always play physical games with solid rule sets, either. Sometimes... they prefer to play with reality.

Human Jef and Tharyx were standing on an inactive console and an otherwise vacant chair, respectively. Xarq stared at the tableau. He knew their Ships’ Human was

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Challenge #02295-F105: A Morbid Fascination is a Good example.

Humans are (at least in comparison to other species) obsessed with End-of-the-World-Scenarios.

Aliens find this strange/bizarre and question a human. -- Anon Guest

Human Raz was taking personal time to de-stress themselves. In this case, the relaxing activity involved yelling at a screen whilst their hands spasmed along the surface of a small, plastic interface. The Human's dialogue was not coherent or relaxed. It mostly consisted of things like, "Come

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Challenge #02279-F089: Simple Bonding Activities

Havenworlders loves play with Humans Hide and seek. They can use amazing skills to hide. But even this game starts to be boring. So next game was tag.

But they forget that Humans can chase down anyone. Humans are predators and Havenworlders starts to feel like a delicious prey. -- Anon Guest

Humans can pack-bond through games, amongst many other activities. If your ship has an active Human, physical activity games are recommended. Similarly, more phlegmatic Humans can bond through tabletop games.

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Challenge #02249-F059: Hunter Hunted

Some Havenworlders and some Humans are playing Cops and Robbers as a training exercise and the Havenworlders quickly learn that Humans can control their predictory aura, by either increasing it to a degree that it would make even a Vorax run in fear or decrease it to the point of nonexistence. And the worst part is that the humans aren't even aware of it. -- Chara Dremmurr

Humans have so many games that hinge around the core mechanic of 'chase and symbolically

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