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Challenge #04096-K078: Isekai Choice

Inside you there are two wolves:

One whispers into your ear the fact that you been isekai'd; and the laws of the old world does not apply to this one.

The other begs you not to turn the Geneva convention into the Geneva suggestion. -- Anon Guest

One of the easiest dead giveaways that you're not in the reality you were born to is the continuing existence of dirigibles. A slightly more alarming one might be an Elf or a Kobold looting what they thought was your body. Or, in the case of a Kobold, chewing on it.

In this case, it was waking up to a robot doing medical care.

Tania stared, mostly because she could see the cogs and gears that were making the machine work. There was also a glowing gemstone in the middle of the chassis, which, after a little squinting, Tania identified as, "A flint arrowhead?"

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Challenge #02448-F258: Butsuri Mage

There is a famous or infamous trends that been happening in the anime community of people going to other worlds and become the most broken character in the series, called the isekai genre. So let set this up. You've been transported to another world. You had been studying some post grad physics and know a thing or two about the world. But in this world, there's magic and it is heavily influenced by how the world works in yours. Soon enough you

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