Challenge #02295-F105: A Morbid Fascination is a Good example.

Humans are (at least in comparison to other species) obsessed with End-of-the-World-Scenarios.

Aliens find this strange/bizarre and question a human. -- Anon Guest

Human Raz was taking personal time to de-stress themselves. In this case, the relaxing activity involved yelling at a screen whilst their hands spasmed along the surface of a small, plastic interface. The Human's dialogue was not coherent or relaxed. It mostly consisted of things like, "Come on," or, "Arse," or, "Eat it!"

Ryx was confused. "I was told you were in relax mode." Ze kept hir distance, just in case. "What is this activity?"

"Playin' a game." Flashes of light illuminated Human Raz's face. "Yes! Die! Die! Die ya bastards!" And then they cackled. "Yes! Made it. This damned level. Shit..." They stretched and let go of their interface. "Zombies and post-apocalyptic survival noise. You wouldn't like it."

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