Challenge #02279-F089: Simple Bonding Activities

Havenworlders loves play with Humans Hide and seek. They can use amazing skills to hide. But even this game starts to be boring. So next game was tag.

But they forget that Humans can chase down anyone. Humans are predators and Havenworlders starts to feel like a delicious prey. -- Anon Guest

Humans can pack-bond through games, amongst many other activities. If your ship has an active Human, physical activity games are recommended. Similarly, more phlegmatic Humans can bond through tabletop games. If your Human does not prefer either of these, then ask your Human about their preferred bonding experience. -- From You and Your Ships' Human by Gorx Thorgorx

"Peekaboo. I found you," said Human Ven. They were showing their teeth - a Human sign of approval. They were more lackluster about this activity than they had been half an hour ago.

"Are you getting bored?" asked Twibbit. "Or tired?" This was a concern. The care and maintenance of a Ships' Human was a complicated task. Human Ven was their first and bonding was a very important step. "Is there something wrong?"

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