I'm handling it

I've done the top of the TangleBag(tm)so now I'm doing the handles. There was some jiggery-pokery concerning getting there, but now I'm back to the old familiar doubles until I have enough to be a handle. The current extension is two inches long. Definitely not a handle yet.

The doc said the blip on my ear could be a wart, but the consensus is to get a biopsy and be certain.

I don't like having holes cut in me, so braving myself up to make the call to make the appointment is... a task and a half.

I got enough for me with the last thousand words for this week, to be honest. I'll see if I can get Beloved to call in for me and arrange stuff. Because I'm a dirty great coward about this noise.

It's gotta be done, just... not today?

Today, I'm doing my best.


[Shown here- a Strawpoll display with three even votes between: "Tropes I Despise: Burden Porn", "The Romance of a Thousand Couples - the RomCom Journey", and "Me and Hurting Myself". Each topic has one vote, and the vote is split into even thirds]

Once again, your fates and mine are decided with a dice roll. This time, I rolled a D6 and split the potential three ways.

I rolled a 5. This means that y'all are getting my long and sordid history of hurting myself physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Whee.