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Thursday, Plague Day 10

I'm DONE with my antibiotics! Huzzah!

I'm still horking up chunks, but they're not green, so I'm not worried.

I'm also working on clearing out my lungs from even more blockages, but that's a slow progress kind of thing. Baby steps. Teeny weenie tiny baby steps.

...infitessimal, annoying, baby steps...

Turns out I was worrying for weeks over an absent utterance by MeMum that she both dismissed and firkin forgot about. ARGH. I got myself worked up over essentially nothing. Growl.

Next on my agenda, encouraging her to use "ASD" instead of "Aspergers" because Asperger was a freaking Nazi and we all hate him. Along with son-of-mine because he feels that "Aspergers" has less baggage attached to it. The struggle is real.

I'm still wibbly wobbly because oxygen supply. And my O2 readings stay well above 90% no matter how "clogged" I feel so whatever. Sigh and move on and try to have something nearby in case my inner ear tries to pull a firkin stunt.

Onwards with today's creative efforts. Huzzah.

Thursday, Progress and PLNs

I have finished building the walls and floors of level 9 of 23. Now I have to furnish and add mobs to level 9 of 23. THEN I start on level 10 of 23. Which I hope to heaven will be nice and easy to construct.

...too many dang diagonals and round rooms in this one gone. Pleh.

I find out when I am done furnishing level 9 though. No peeking. If I looked at the entire thing, I would balk and

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Thursday, Day 0, Hargleblargle

Plague news: 6 781 new cases. 32 312 total active cases, 275 are in hospital, 10 are in the ICU.

Vax news:

  • 43 Million total vaccines administered nationally
  • 40K doses given in Queensland, yesterday

I personally hate what's going on with the government information sites. It's less accessible and that's likely so that nobody looks close enough to see how bad we're failing at controlling the damn disease.

We're not "living with the virus", we're letting it take over.

Today, I am

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Saturday, Day 0, Today maybe?

Plague news: Two new cases, both imports. Forty-one active cases, thirty-seven of those are in hospital

Beloved has had some very rough days at the office, so to speak. So progress on Mobile Instants has come to a screeching halt. If Beloved can't figure out the unriddling of the problem, then I have NO hopes.

Fingers crossed that the unriddling happens today.

Also in my PLNs:

  1. The mandatory Instant
  2. Attending the first entirely online writers' convention
  3. Eating a lot of carbage


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Monday, Day 0, On Yer Marks!

Plague news: Two new cases, both imports. Fourteen total cases, twelve in hospital.

I did the coding yesterday. What I lack is the skills to understand a decent half of it. That's my job this morning.

The bread I made on Friday is not fit for human consumption. I make more this Friday. I also order more flour because I'm running a smidge low on supplies.

The daily morning vegemite soup seems to be working. When skin does slide off, it's sliding

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Friday, Day 5, No Bread

I have the bikkie cooking, there's six active cases, and the bread I made on Wednesday has remained untouched. Possibly to teach me a lesson. "See? You did not need to rush to be sure we had bread. Calm down! Relaaaax.

My peeps. My dear darling peeps. I make bread because I care about you. Don't let it sit out and get mouldy or I will do murders... Because I spent time and effort on the bread and money on the flour.

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Wednesday- Day Six

I did phone calls to get the cats' jabs and my car service, yesterday. Arranging all the nonsense had me wiped out. Emotional labor is a thing.

Poor kitties are in for an adventure tomorrow.

In the news:

  • Muppet brags that he has the absolute right to give himself a pardon
  • Photo of Muppet being welcomed by former Prez shows up to embarrass Muppet
  • One off Crimbolio Rules appear for Xmas During Plague
  • Muppet's secretary of state claims a "smooth transition" to
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Tuesday! (Day Three)

I have Patreon stuff to post and the good news for the higher tiers is that I finally have a chapter of KOSBOB finished. Fresh outta the oven like yesterday because that's when I wrote a number that was higher than the last number.

Today, I write the first words in the next chapter.

In other news:

  • Victoria's quarantine hotels were filthy, which goes a long way into explaining why so many people wanted to skip out of quarantine
  • 200 people in
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Two Days!

Remember Tuesday's shenanigans that included an extended journey all around my neck of the woods? I've got the same shenanigans but no shopping trip.

I'm also re-logging into everything because I've switched from using Chrome to using Firefox. This in the hopes of taking some of the strain off of my poor dying compy.

A good nights' rest has helped my compy back on its feet for now. That's the good news. The bad news is that I still have to keep

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I have finally published 2019's Year of Instants. Huzzah.

You can buy it here for the low, low price of absolutely nothing. W00t!

I notice my "sales" of all my free stuff have already spiked. Thanks all'a y'all.

So today, I'm going off about the government's committee nonsense in regards to Autism and what Autistes like me (a) are like, (b) actually need, (c) definitely want to exist in this world.

Like, for serious, I could go on for DAYS about autism

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Chugging along

I just finished a stream where I recorded five stories and wrote a piece of music. I'm doing well. Tomorrow, I publish another episode of Inter-Mission for my potentially-two listeners.

It starts with one. It grows from there. Sooner or later, someone is going to do animations featuring their favourite bits.

Tuesday, I shall be editing a new episode of Inter-Mission, and since I'll probably be rat-faced by Thursday, I might not stream at all. It's pretty close to Xmas by then.

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And now the end is near...

I've almost finished painting the Kobold, kiddies. That means I'm nearly done with mini painting. At least until such time as I get my Bugbear printed and I paint that one. Or until such time as the other players in my current game want representation. OR until such time as I end up teaching my mini knowledge to a bunch of interested peeps who've somehow roped me into this noise.

...I know how these things go and so do you. Nothing is

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My mini is finished and just awaiting some proper varnish. Because I want some matte effects to stay matte and some shiny bits to stay shiny post varnish. Heck, he might not need varnish at all. I dunno. Either way, he's looking good. I should take pictures.

I've drybrushed the Kobold's bow and arrow, and I'll be doing some details on the feathers and arrow-tip... and possibly the one buckle I could identify on his leathers. Once all that's done, I'll hit

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Getting there by bits

I've been drybrushing my dude and I put in his eye. A procedure which required retouching his guyliner for each colour applied.

I want to re-enforce my dude's eyebrows with a little dotpainting, and also add a few highlights on all that lovely blue skin. He's almost finished. I'm also working on a Kobold for shits and giggles. Little dude is looking SUPER dark right now. He needs highlights.

I have nothing to rant about this week, so my followers on Wordpress

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I've got this... I think...

So now I have a pattern of operations for mini-painting, which definitely includes making sure the kitties are fed before I sit down to do any detail.

All that's left at this stage is a HELL of a lot of dotpainting and touch-ups on any spill-over. Since I've been really careful this time, that's not a lot of touch-ups.

Now I really have to investigate washes at the Warhammer Shoppe in Chermside. Wheee...

But not until tomorrow, when the last coats of

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