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Challenge #04085-K067: A Calming Argument

Two of their older siblings are members of Pax Humanis. They, however, became a well-trained therapist. One of the best protected therapists in the galaxy. -- Anon Guest

Therapist Pien had a reputation for being the eye of calm in any storm. Some quietly nicknamed them "Capybara" for their ability to be chill no matter what. Even in the face of a screaming Knomira[1], they refused to turn a hair.

Even when they turned violent, Therapist Pien would simply move to deflect or avoid their blows and let them wear themselves out.

They kept their hands behind their back as the latest Knomira devolved into kicking and pounding their fists against the floor. Out of range of the angry flailing. Quietly observing. Security had already diverted traffic either around or away from the scene. The shop that had 'caused' the upset[2] had closed operations and sealed all entrances until the scene was finally cleared.

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Challenge #04071-K053: Situation Versus Circumstances

Lilicoon looks at the painting that hangs in her home, and smiles in memory. She tells the visiting Jay how she and Sunshine met as friends, and the first time they had tea together. Grateful for that meeting, because through that meeting, her future was secure in meeting Jay. -- Anon Guest

There was a goddess above her fireplace. Well. Pseudo-fireplace. Sometimes, a home needs a mantlepiece to display objects of pride. This was her home.

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