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Monday, Tale Foundry Reads

Tale Foundry is about to start doing the backup reads and I have no idea how to submit this last week's story.

As it turns out, the Foundry is winging it this week and evolving new systems henceforth. Fun times.

I am definitely going to try my ideas on Stencyl today. See how or if it works. I shall certainly try.

Then I go for the next challenge. Whee.

Slow and steady. Learn things. Tweak. Try, try, try again.

Seems to be my life pattern.

But I shall get on with getting on and hope for the best like I always do.

Let's get rolling.

Monday, Tale Foundry Changes and Pending Problem-solving

If my calculations are correct, we should encounter payday this week. That same payday is also date night because other social shenanigans happening this Thursday.

I have paperwork to sort out and that will be happening on Wednesday. So my week is pretty much booked out already, and it isn't yet noon on Monday.

The Tale Foundry is changing how things go. Submissions happening on Discord. So my submissions will no longer be publicly available. I will be altering my Patreon posts

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Monday, Foundry Reads, Prepping

I have put some laundry on with an aim towards having clean clothes for the upcoming trip. Oooh look at me being all organised and stuff.

Thanks to plane tickets, the budget is SUPER tight and will remain so for some time. AND I have an upcoming license fee that I near forgot about AND we need more income because everything expensive.

Well. Since I'm waiting on ideas care of Beloved hearing some intervening chapters, I shall have the time to work

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Monday, Tale Foundry and PLNs

The Foundry is together once more to share their sordid little tales. I have three more stories to share than usual, so it promises to be fun.

The QPP and I agree that the TMNT movie is very well done and a refreshing change from the Pixar/Disney smooth bug-eyed model.

One nitpick: why is the main storyline badguy Black-Coded? They gave him a "ghetto" accent and the animators had an excuse to use the dreaded 'mushmouf'

This is also a character

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Sunday, Tale Foundry and Streams

Tale Foundry is finishing up. I'm about to start streaming and then I shall take Chaos for a walk around one block. One block to begin. Healthy exercise etc etc. Warm up to it and so on.

And then I shall likely have a napnap. Because awake since 3AM.

The other gaming crew is going tonight. So my day is going to be crowded and fun.

I shall need sleeps for sure.

Onwards ever onwards.

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Sunday, Realisations and Potential PLNs

Tale Foundry's doing the THING(tm) and I have the prompt and a plot in mind. I also have PLNs to do the Bikkie since I forgot all about it on Friday. I may yet press Mayhem to do the catio if it isn't done already because bloody asthma.

If all goes well and permission granted, I shall repeat the dressing process and go entertain Beloved/Adorable to commiserate Beloved's Misery.

And maybe catch some snuggles.

My poor Beloved is feeling a

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Sunday, Tale Foundry and stream plns

Tale Foundry is doing its thing. I just finished making a lot of maps, and cussing about DungeonDraft crashing like a bitch.

Lots of Frustrate, this morning.

Beloved is coming home sometime today, so if I am streaming when she does, I may be understandably distracted.

I also have a loud as FUCK keyboard that is going to be a lot of tikkatakka noise on my stream. Sorry to the ASMR enthusiasts who may tune in.

Be prepared.

Chapter Count: About to

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Sunday, Tale Foundry and Tired Bean

Operating on not a lot of sleep today. I will probably have enough energy to do the story stream, but I feel like I'll need a nap before the publishing happens.

We shall see.

Tale Foundry is doing the story reads as I write, and I have not done ONE word in the next prompt.

I also have another prompt to have some fun with. My Patrons will see that before anyone else. As always.

Chapter Count: 2/5ths of Chapter 280

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Sunday, Game Night, Tale Foundry, Nonsense

Tomorrow, I journey to MeMum's to teach her things and help fix stuff. Today, I attempt to focus on assorted nonsense. Tale Foundry is reading stories. I should stream today's tale sometime RSN.

Going out and about without the Lappy is going to be a pain in the bum. Yes, I can manage with the iPad, but I never figured out how to stop doing smart quotes in that thing and going back to amend them into 'dumb' quotes is one extra

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Monday, Reads and Writing

The Tale Foundry backup reads are going on as I write this. I have been variously awake since 1AM this morning. So I am not going to do very much behind the curtain for reasons that should be obvious.

Chapter Count: About to commence Chapter 260

My other plns will involve keeping my Beloved company and maybe playing some games.

Let's get on with things.

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Monday, Tale Foundry Reads

The reads are going on as I write this. Tomorrow, my Patreon peeps get a twofer on the $5 tier. Because there was the prompt we voted for, and then our host sprang a trick prompt on us because April Fool.

I have NO idea what I'm doing on April 1 this year. Probably a pun storm. I dunno.

Most of my internet prank ideas involve too much effort on my part.

Best to not.

I shall focus on the offering, for

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Sunday, Game morning & Tale Foundry

Just finished game time with the international maniacs. I'm watching Tale Foundry and about to ponder the prompt.

I also wish to get onto Animal Crossing: New Horizons to do the whole turnip thing. It's a THING. Turnips == profit + stock market joke.

So I'll be warming up the Switch to play whilst I listen to the Foundry.

Story happening live on stream after that. It's going to be fun. The cats wish to be fed hours ago.

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Sunday, Tale Foundry and Game Night

I'm waiting for Tale Foundry to go active, and pondering the next entry. But first I must at least write this entry.

I don't expect much out of myself today or tomorrow. At some point, my love and I will have to rejigger the sullage pipes because the neighbours have sic'd the council on us to get that done.

We still don't have the money to make a sullage garden because food and amenities bills. Blargh. And the neighbours behind us are

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Sunday, Tale Foundry plus Game Night

Procrastination is my copilot and if I don't quit that noise, I am going to pay for it later.

Gotta be kind to Future Nutter.

I now have a PLN of action to get Chaos' NDIS sorted at long freaking last. I should also make an appointment to see the quack because some parts of my physique have become very painful and will require medical intervention.

I'm also taking along my Beloved and some independent test results because the doctor I keep

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