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Monday, Foundry Reads and Shenanigans

So here WAS the PLN:

  1. Drop Beloved off at the train station
  2. Drive to North Lakes
  3. Acquire Ashwagandha just as the Chemist Warehouse there opens at 8AM
  4. Maybe write a sentence or two during the SHORT wait.

The key factor in this PLN was that Google insisted that Chemist Warehouse was open at 8AM. Google LIED.

They open at 9AM.

So I settled down for an hour and realised I could work on my entry for the Foundry while I waited. This is after I did a line or two of a fanfic I'm messing with.

But then THOSE plans were set awry by an evacuation practice drill. I had to pack up and move outside [where some ppl also lit up :P ] while they sorted out the diverse alarums.

And as a "bonus", the only place I know to easily and reliably get Ashwagandha... is shutting down. Now there shall only be One Chemist Warehouse in North Lakes.

Which, I have been promised, will be enlarging and stocking my Ashwagandha.

I'm streaming my story writing this afternoon, and I know I can at least get that right. Bread tomorrow, and incremental jiggery-pokery associated with that.

Sunday, Tale Foundry and a VICTORY!

Because I need napnaps, I count Sunday as my "light day". All I count for a win is writing a part of A Devil's Tale for this day.

If I do anything else today, that is also a win.

I think I should work on a map for a PLN'd game sesh with the rainbow crowd. Or two. Depends on my personal impetus at the time.

Chapter Count: Just wrote the first words in chapter 359 of A Devil's Tale. Which means

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Monday, Tale Foundry Reads, Continuing Technical Issues

My writing group is sharing their diverse tales today. A thing that will likely keep me until the afternoon.

In the meantime, I shall be doing my stretchies, working on the entry for next week, recording a chapter of Adapting, and maybe doing something for Chapter 353 of A Devil's Tale while I'm at it.

Perhaps even some minor tweaking to my work in Stencyl too.

Tomorrow is the day I don't have scheduled obligations, so that's the day I sally forth

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Monday, Foundry Reads and Progress

Thanks to Internet Outage, I had a depresso nap and ended up writing chapter 344 of A Devil's Tale between 1 and 4 AM.

Yeah, I keep messing up my sleep cycle.

I forgot my stretchies and borked my wrists doing the story for the Foundry's next prompt. Whoops. A contributing factor may also be writing an entire chapter at BF in the morning. Double whoops.

And I have yet to engage in my normal offerings.

Let's get on with those. Starting

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Monday, Backup Reads and Wrists

Remembering my stretchies is a trial. There's so many things I would rather do than stretchies. Including working out the second half of Chapter 340 of A Devil's Tale. I would rather try bashing my head against Stencyl again.

...I would really rather lie in and play games on my phone...

I'm having another incident of Morbs, and battling through a chapter where I don't know what I'm doing is not fun.

Doing all the dailies is not fun for me today.

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Monday, Tale Foundry reads and wrist owwies

I have applied deep heat to my wrists and I shall be looking up pre-writing stretchies to try and bolster my wrists before I get into the writing thing.

I'm about to see if there's an app for that.

...nope. Warm-ups for running. Warm-ups for weightlifting. No warm-ups for nerdy soft ppl.

I found and bookmarked a helpful website that shows the stretchies.

Meanwhile, I have recently learned that some buttmunch hacked my PayPal account and drained my accounts. Yay. I've filed

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Sunday, Tale Foundry and Proceeding

I did my DM'ing, I did my story stream, had a sleep and now I'm up to publishing. Yay.

I made a start on chapter 334 of A Devil's Tale and I might get around to finishing it. I might even get as far as writing the next one.

I doubt, but it's good to hope.

I should also get on with reviewing other Foundry entries so I have a chance to be randomly selected for the reading next week.

All of

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Monday, Tale Foundry Reads

Tale Foundry is about to start doing the backup reads and I have no idea how to submit this last week's story.

As it turns out, the Foundry is winging it this week and evolving new systems henceforth. Fun times.

I am definitely going to try my ideas on Stencyl today. See how or if it works. I shall certainly try.

Then I go for the next challenge. Whee.

Slow and steady. Learn things. Tweak. Try, try, try again.

Seems to be

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Monday, Tale Foundry Changes and Pending Problem-solving

If my calculations are correct, we should encounter payday this week. That same payday is also date night because other social shenanigans happening this Thursday.

I have paperwork to sort out and that will be happening on Wednesday. So my week is pretty much booked out already, and it isn't yet noon on Monday.

The Tale Foundry is changing how things go. Submissions happening on Discord. So my submissions will no longer be publicly available. I will be altering my Patreon posts

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Monday, Foundry Reads, Prepping

I have put some laundry on with an aim towards having clean clothes for the upcoming trip. Oooh look at me being all organised and stuff.

Thanks to plane tickets, the budget is SUPER tight and will remain so for some time. AND I have an upcoming license fee that I near forgot about AND we need more income because everything expensive.

Well. Since I'm waiting on ideas care of Beloved hearing some intervening chapters, I shall have the time to work

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Monday, Tale Foundry and PLNs

The Foundry is together once more to share their sordid little tales. I have three more stories to share than usual, so it promises to be fun.

The QPP and I agree that the TMNT movie is very well done and a refreshing change from the Pixar/Disney smooth bug-eyed model.

One nitpick: why is the main storyline badguy Black-Coded? They gave him a "ghetto" accent and the animators had an excuse to use the dreaded 'mushmouf'

This is also a character

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Sunday, Tale Foundry and Streams

Tale Foundry is finishing up. I'm about to start streaming and then I shall take Chaos for a walk around one block. One block to begin. Healthy exercise etc etc. Warm up to it and so on.

And then I shall likely have a napnap. Because awake since 3AM.

The other gaming crew is going tonight. So my day is going to be crowded and fun.

I shall need sleeps for sure.

Onwards ever onwards.

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Sunday, Realisations and Potential PLNs

Tale Foundry's doing the THING(tm) and I have the prompt and a plot in mind. I also have PLNs to do the Bikkie since I forgot all about it on Friday. I may yet press Mayhem to do the catio if it isn't done already because bloody asthma.

If all goes well and permission granted, I shall repeat the dressing process and go entertain Beloved/Adorable to commiserate Beloved's Misery.

And maybe catch some snuggles.

My poor Beloved is feeling a

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Sunday, Tale Foundry and stream plns

Tale Foundry is doing its thing. I just finished making a lot of maps, and cussing about DungeonDraft crashing like a bitch.

Lots of Frustrate, this morning.

Beloved is coming home sometime today, so if I am streaming when she does, I may be understandably distracted.

I also have a loud as FUCK keyboard that is going to be a lot of tikkatakka noise on my stream. Sorry to the ASMR enthusiasts who may tune in.

Be prepared.

Chapter Count: About to

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Sunday, Tale Foundry and Tired Bean

Operating on not a lot of sleep today. I will probably have enough energy to do the story stream, but I feel like I'll need a nap before the publishing happens.

We shall see.

Tale Foundry is doing the story reads as I write, and I have not done ONE word in the next prompt.

I also have another prompt to have some fun with. My Patrons will see that before anyone else. As always.

Chapter Count: 2/5ths of Chapter 280

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