Monday, Tale Foundry and PLNs

The Foundry is together once more to share their sordid little tales. I have three more stories to share than usual, so it promises to be fun.

The QPP and I agree that the TMNT movie is very well done and a refreshing change from the Pixar/Disney smooth bug-eyed model.

One nitpick: why is the main storyline badguy Black-Coded? They gave him a "ghetto" accent and the animators had an excuse to use the dreaded 'mushmouf'

This is also a character with little to no models for such before they encountered whatever media they absorbed. The other mutants have accents and attitudes that more or less reflect their species' origins. Or what people might imagine their origins to be like, regardless of where the actual critter may have come from.

So... a housefly is automatically the "black thug" stereotrope, huh? Nice representation you have there. And I'm not liking how there's so few POC in freaking NEW YORK, one of the greater melting pots of the world.

Okay. Bitching done with. My PLNs for today:

  1. The daily offerings
  2. Continuing on my quest to understand Stencyl
  3. Writing for this week's prompt
  4. Maybe working on a chapter (or twain)
  5. More Baldur's Gate 3

I shall begin with the meme over at the Fediverse.