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Monday, Foundry Reads, Prepping

I have put some laundry on with an aim towards having clean clothes for the upcoming trip. Oooh look at me being all organised and stuff.

Thanks to plane tickets, the budget is SUPER tight and will remain so for some time. AND I have an upcoming license fee that I near forgot about AND we need more income because everything expensive.

Well. Since I'm waiting on ideas care of Beloved hearing some intervening chapters, I shall have the time to work on summaries so I can flick my books at publishers.

Working on a cliffhanger for book 3 rather requires knowing where the fuck I'm going to keep it all interesting.

So I shall work on the summaries, though I hate it, because wasting time on a wall is not in my nature.

I haven't had time to work on the Stencyl challenges, and I likely won't have such time towards the end of the week. I'm not doing very much during the big trip. Or at least I hope not.

Working on things and travelling is a bit of a bitch.

And so is the anxiety that comes from not working on things whilst travelling.


Challenge #03747-J094: Roughing It

A long time ago, an experiment in making antimagic fields exploded contaminating a large area of the forest. The forest healed, the magic did not. Any magic user traveling through will find, in the days of being in that forest, they cannot use their magic. -- Anon Guest

War has been with the world since one intelligent being looked at another and decided to throw a rock. Or a sharp stick. The records are non-existent. War ruins many things, and they can

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