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Thurdsay, Potential Visitation

I know where my Beloved is and in which hospital. As soon as I get permission to go see her, I am OFFSKI!

Which means that my usual offerings will be DELAYED.

Current total of her woes:

  • Broken arm
  • Broken jaw [now with added plate and braces]
  • Broken shoulder [soon to have a plate]

I just got permission to visit so I shall be gathering whomst wishes to see her. Either way, I shall prepare to read her several chapters if she wants them.

I shall share the news on my socials, gather my necessities, and take off.

Challenge #03747-J094: Roughing It

A long time ago, an experiment in making antimagic fields exploded contaminating a large area of the forest. The forest healed, the magic did not. Any magic user traveling through will find, in the days of being in that forest, they cannot use their magic. -- Anon Guest

War has been with the world since one intelligent being looked at another and decided to throw a rock. Or a sharp stick. The records are non-existent. War ruins many things, and they can

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I'm going on holiday for a bit

No worries, I have queued up some instant stories to cover my arse absence.

What I can’t do is tweet about them to spread the word while I’m gone.

So. For the next five stories, I would very much appreciate it if  you would tweet my stories to all your followers. If you add the hashtags, #free or #freefiction (along with a pithy explanation), they may even garner the attention of Free Fiction Daily which, I am certain,

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