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Challenge #04102-K084: Truth Hurts

"My dear, I'm sorry, but while I care for you, I cannot, and will not, lie to you and say that I want to be with you in THAT manner. Your summons hurt. Please, stop calling me. I'm willing to be friends, but nothing more." -- Anon Guest

"Aren't you the demon of pain and anguish?" Cosima protested, tears already ruining her mascara. "You're the living embodiment of everything I love."

"Sweetheart," sighed Bolvoth. "You love pissing off your parents. I'm happy to help you with that, but these summonings hurt me. You don't care about that?"

"Demon of pain?" said Cosima in her best well-duh voice. "You're into that, right?"

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Monday, Foundry Reads and Shenanigans

So here WAS the PLN:

  1. Drop Beloved off at the train station
  2. Drive to North Lakes
  3. Acquire Ashwagandha just as the Chemist Warehouse there opens at 8AM
  4. Maybe write a sentence or two during the SHORT wait.

The key factor in this PLN was that Google insisted that Chemist Warehouse was open at 8AM. Google LIED.

They open at 9AM.

So I settled down for an hour and realised I could work on my entry for the Foundry while I waited. This

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Thursday, Cheevs and Setbacks and Supplies

I have done the video I was threatening to do. Huzzah. And since it's past ten in the morning, I am technically free to do some supply shopping. Research has indicated that it is cheaper to get the cats' Fancy Feast supply at Costco. I shall be making a shopping list, checking it twice, and at least dragging Mayhem along to get everything on the list.

THEN I get on with my offerings per diem.

If I have the fortitude, I will

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Challenge #03686-J033: Magical Awakening

They lived in a simple apartment building in the middle of a large, busy, city. They'd always been considered a bit of an oddball, and loved books on fantasy. Then came that fateful evening, they did something they didn't think was possible, to save a kid from injury, and an individual who seemed old and wise, and yet youthful in appearance, came to them, to explain that they, in this modern world, possessed something the modern world tended to eschew. Actual magic.

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Sunday, Game Night, Unfuck the Tower

Yesterday was a day mostly in meatspace and subsequently flat-out unconscious. Today is a day to get as much done before a certain hour as I can because I need my sleep before Game Night.

The current PLN to fix my compy issues is to replace the coolant tube thing that may be the source of my temperature issues. That's probably not happening today. It might not be happening tomorrow.

As an extra bonus fun time, my compy likes to cut off

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Sunday Complications

I'm writing this on Saturday night so that nobody panics on Sunday. There's a memorial for Capt. S at her church and we have to be there EARLY.

Which means we have to take off EARLY.

Which means that I won't have time for any of my scheduled shenanigans AT ALL.

Including my blog here.

Tomorrow is all about being there for the fam.

IF I can squeeze in an instant at a later hour, it will not be streamed. If I

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Into the Wild Blue Yonder

Audacity... flies. The learning curve is so gentle that Flat Earthers would declare it a straight line. I owe these guys some money.

I do remain slightly vexed that you have to manually flick between the move and selection tools, but it's a price I can pay for snipping out awkward pauses, re-takes, gulps, and horking up lumps of mucous.

It happens.

So far, I have twelve minutes of total audio so far, and the knowledge of how to cut, copy, paste,

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