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Long Monday! Complications!

Beloved is going back to the office, so my PLNs for Long Monday include being awake for Miss Chaos' homecoming in the afternoon. Huzzah.

Also happening sometime today, myself summarising 5-10 chapters. Five's the minimum acceptable. Ten's the self-imposed goal.

If anything else gets done, that's gravy.

I stream, I sleep, I try my best. That's all I can do.

Into the Wild Blue Yonder

Audacity... flies. The learning curve is so gentle that Flat Earthers would declare it a straight line. I owe these guys some money.

I do remain slightly vexed that you have to manually flick between the move and selection tools, but it's a price I can pay for snipping out awkward pauses, re-takes, gulps, and horking up lumps of mucous.

It happens.

So far, I have twelve minutes of total audio so far, and the knowledge of how to cut, copy, paste,

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