Wednesday: Complicated PLNs

The problem: I need to go shopping and start into bread.

I have a four-hour window during the starter rise to do that. Sourdough is time sensitive. The rest of my nonsense is not.

So my itinerary is thus:

  • finish getting dressed [I'm still in the midst of my stretchies]
  • feed cats [THE most important part of my day - ask the cats]
  • torture feet
  • weigh and prep bread stuff
  • Feed the starter, but put the starter harvest in the fridge while the rest of it's in the incubator
  • WHILE I run out real quick for some essentials and one eye on the timer

Pretty sure I can do it.

My efforts to learn and do have hit a roadblock that may be a Linux issue, and it may be a skill issue. I pln on seeking help on that on varying forums.

And speaking of forums... I'm going into the Reddit arena and post about what I do on the daily. Asking where it's best to stick that kind of stuff. And then acting accordingly.

I may also be in Reddit for Stencyl nonsense. Time will tell.

...I'm scared.

But I have to do it scared. Otherwise, it won't happen.


The shenanigans involved in getting the stuff has kept me from making bread until tomorrow. Mostly because I forgot I didn't have the flour to do bread. Yay.