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Tuesday, Moving Patreon Day

I am deliberately not posting on Patreon today. Because henceforth, Tuesday is one of the days that will be shared with Beloved.

I shall try shifting it to Wednesday, that being the one day that I will have minimum time for myself. So today and tomorrow will be minimum side-project days.

I tried and failed to follow the instructions for installing the Linux version of Stencyl. Once I get that going, I'm going to attempt making Pseuducku for realsies.

I have resources. I have to make a few other assets, but I think I can at least make a start on the four-square version of the game.

The nine-square variant and the numeral replacement stages might have to wait a while. But I need better instructions first.

Apparently, the instructions for installing Stencyl were written in 2016. Dang close to eight years and many software updates ago.

I have gluck in one ear and associated hearing difficulty. I tried hosing out the ear canal

Onwards to the offerings.

Friday, Attempted Moving PLNs

Everything's in order. Everything's lined up and about ready to go. I just need to clear up space so I can make a partition and set up for the big switch. I've made a list of all the programs I use regularly, and I'm about to start sorting ALL my tabs [and pruning them] so I can plausibly swap operations to the new setup.

And I have managed to tick off Beloved about how I follow instructions and -yeah- I am a

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Tuesday, Patreon, Shopping, and the Big Move

[AN: Forgot to publish this last Tuesday. Whoops]

I'll be putting my new writing rants on my new blogging site tomorrow. I've removed the link to Wordpress in my menu. It's been replaced by my new blog centre.

I think I'm capable of moving five old blog entries a day. Since I've been blogging on Wordpress since 2017, that's going to take me a while.

The good news is that I can back-date the archival stuff, so the move will be imperceptible

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Sunday, Change of Schedule

I am adjusting my weekend routine. Because I expect to have Beloved's attention for the weekend [Lurgi forbids it this time around] I am running the game early in the AM, taking a brief break, then doing my story stream after a little rest.

Theoretically, this leaves me the rest of Sunday to spend with my beloved.

I shall be starting that stream very soon now.

On the other hand, it does mean that I miss out on the Tale Foundry streams.

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Thursday, Changes and Bread

Today, I am making bread. Or at the very least starting the process.

My starter is maturing in the incubator as I write. I have a couple of hours to do the story and offerings before I do the autolysing and so on. Between stretching sessions, I will be working on side projects.

The loaf experiment this time around is the addition of 1 cup of chia seeds for fibre purposes. It's going to be One Big Lump when it's time for

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Challenge #03950-J298: Truth is...

A demon lord, a dragon, and a wizard team up to fight against those that would harm the innocent. And, sadly, their main opponents tend to be those that claim their causes are "holy" and the innocent villages are the "guilty ones." Whatever happened to beings who claim to be of the light actually helping people? -- Anon Guest

[AN: There is only one Demon Lord, usually, and that's the one who lights the Blood Throne of Whitekeep. However, the Hellkin children

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Monday, Tale Foundry Changes and Pending Problem-solving

If my calculations are correct, we should encounter payday this week. That same payday is also date night because other social shenanigans happening this Thursday.

I have paperwork to sort out and that will be happening on Wednesday. So my week is pretty much booked out already, and it isn't yet noon on Monday.

The Tale Foundry is changing how things go. Submissions happening on Discord. So my submissions will no longer be publicly available. I will be altering my Patreon posts

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Saturday, Change of PLNs

Adorable has been incapacitated in the wee small hours, so no parkrun this morning. I had to unriddle some banking nonsense before I commenced the horseshit this morrow.

At least the horseshit is sorted for the meanwhile.

Next problem: Having enough money -_-

I gotta do some effort to amend that nonsense. Including finishing the epic tale so I can get on with summarising all my extant novels so I can get them published on a higher scale.


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Monday, Return to 'Normal'

The schedule is back in action as Beloved is free to do such. I had her in my bed for the first time in six firkin weeks. Needless to say that I am in a much better mood this morrow.

I have also warned Beloved not to do any more stunts.

I have drawn today's duck [four of nine] and if I keep going at this rate, I shall have to do some coding soon.

Le Dread.

I'm shit at programming and

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Wednesday, Wordpress and NEWS

All going well, Beloved shall be returning to my abode next week. Probably.

She will want to binge some chapters since...

Chapter count: About to commence Ch 310

I've been busy despite the Lurgi.

I also need to figure out the time windows for arting. I shall sit somewhere comfortable and at least do a sketch layer for one duck. Possibly whilst semi-watching some comfort entertainment for the white noise.

I have some Wordpress to publish, some chapters to record, some plot

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Friday, Ongoing PLNs

I'm doing my usual Friday nonsense. Unfucked the Catio already, and I'll be shortly prepping The Bikkie(tm).

Thereafter I shall be doing the Starters and such.

The wholemeal starter, known in house as Wilson, will be retiring to the freezer today. I have run out of the wholemeal flour to feed it with. Henceforth, only the "Instructions" starter will be part of my routine. Until I run out of flour.

When I am in a mood to make breads again, I

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Long Monday, Soon to Change!

We have a new time slot for Game Night! It's going to be Game Morning. In which the game time slot moves to my 4AM on a Sunday.

I might actually have my weekends back.

Depending on whether or not it's okay to take off on whatever after 8AM.

I might still have to cancel the odd stream now and then.

BUT I also have to rearrange the schedule yet. Might be happening later.

Today, I am going to try and actually

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Thursday, Painting Night

I needed a day away from expectations. Something to remind myself that it's okay to take my time with things. I am up to set dressing on a map and that's a stage of progress.

I will be likely inspired to go further, but I won't be going very far today because I'm off adventuring in meatspace, starting this afternoon.

I have to leave the house at half-past 3 to catch a train at 4 so I can get to a place

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Thursday, PLNs of Schedule

The new schedule is looking a little like this:

3-7AM: Lounge around with Beloved, maybe read and maybe edit something.
8AM(ish): Getting ready for the day
9AM(ish): blogging and editing until Curse O'Clock
10AM: Curse O'Clock
11AM: Back to my bullshit. Stream set-up.
12PM: Streaming!
1PM-4PM: The rest of my bullshit
4PM-on: Relax time!

The last two depend on the ability of my back to put up with me doing stuff.

I'm going to spend my hour in the curse

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Challenge #03657-J004: Lessons From Ozymandias

This was a Deregger world, as cold, as harsh, as they came. This....WAS... a Deregger world... so... why was the new, young owner of this empire holding out a hand to the lowly plebian child who was thin and crying in the street? Why was he... carrying the child and handing the child to the family... wait.. was he... helping them? Helping them???? And how in the he... was he making all those profits? This was a DEREG world! WAS. --

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